Everything You Need to Know About Sales Collateral

Everything You Need to Know About Sales Collateral
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The sales team is majorly responsible for driving sales and converting leads. If you want to acquire more customers, you will need unique, valuable, and relevant sales collateral that will allow you to foster trust. It will also enable your brand to emerge as an expert in your field.

An effective sales collateral is an integral component that will facilitate you in the sales process. Therefore, it’ll be wise to outsource content moderation services to an agency that can help you create perfect sales collateral.

What Is Sales Collateral?

Sales collateral is a kind of media or document that not only supports the sales process but also helps in moving leads through the funnel. This collateral includes both printed media (brochures, flyers, and adverts) and digital media (eBooks, landing pages, videos, and blogs).

The type of sales collateral that is the most effective depends on which stage of the buyer journey the person consuming the content is at. If they are at an awareness stage, a blog post can do the trick. If they are moving towards the decision-making stage, a video guide explaining how the product works can prove to be highly effective.

Types of Sales Collateral

Gone are the days when content producers used to rely on pamphlets and static PDFs to engage customers. They now have more options to impress leads. Here are some of the most effective types of sales collateral that will not only help your business get noticed but will also allow you to stand out from your competitors.

#1. Blog Posts

Blog posts are one of the popular ways of creating brand awareness. After all, they are perfect for establishing your brand as a thought leader in the field. Plus, not to forget that people can easily consume blog posts on different devices. They are also highly shareable and provide a stepping stone to other types of content such as case studies.

#2. eBooks

Your future customers won’t always have time for a video or telephone call. This can be a big problem for the brands. But fret not! You can simply supply your prospects with information that is digestible and can be easily shared within the company. For instance, an eBook is a great solution!

When creating an eBook, you have to be really careful about formatting. You will want to ensure that your reader can find what they want without any hassle. You can consider choosing a web-based interactive format for your eBook. This will allow you to create a signpost and a link between content, allowing the readers to simply click the section that they are the most interested in. If you want to make the content more interactive, try to include rich media because they aren’t just accessible and responsive but will help you in tracking engagement.

#3. Infographics

You cannot go wrong with infographics! They play a key role in fostering brand awareness. Infographics can be useful when it comes to explaining a complex workflow or conveying information better. It can also help increase social media engagement.

#4. Corporate Brochures  

Corporate brochures can be used by businesses to present information in one document. If you want to use this sales collateral, make sure that you keep the content short and snappy. Also, try to add visuals to keep the readers hooked! You can include a wide range of information in corporate brochures and can also talk about customer pain points. As this document will be shared with the stakeholders of the company, it is recommended to use a type of format that is shareable like web-based PDF.

#5. Case Studies

Case studies are a great tool for the sales team. After all, this is the type of sales collateral that businesses can use to share their success stories. They can highlight how their product or service helped in meeting a customer’s need. You can also add how you resolved the issue of your valued customer. Case studies should always be concise and include bullets and subheaders. Also, don’t forget to mention the benefits of your products/services and the results. You can also include relevant visual elements in your case studies.


Sales collateral is important for every business, especially in Outbound Sales. If you are an entrepreneur or aspire to become one, understand that without the right use of sales collateral, you will not be able to effectively interact or engage with your audience in Outbound Sales efforts. You should know which sales collateral will be ideal to use at what stage of the buyer’s journey to make sure you deliver the right content to the right people.

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