Do not Go for DIY Orthodontic Treatment – Here are the Risks

Do not Go for DIY Orthodontic Treatment – Here are the Risks
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Changing the oil in your car, replacing the broken tile in your bathroom, repairing the faucets, and the list of DIY home tasks is long. We know DIY kicks you and you want to keep doing things by yourself. However, if you are taking orthodontics lightly and you think you use DIY Invisalign clear aligners in Irvine, please stop running your horses now. DIY orthodontic treatment is a straight no.

When we say some things should be left with the professionals, orthodontics is one of them. We know that the overall idea of using over-the-counter aligners seems appealing. We are also aware of the popularity of quick-fix aligners being delivered to your doorstep. While it sounds easy enough – take a selfie or get your teeth scanned, send it to the specialist, and voila! Your aligners will arrive in the mail soon and you are good to go. And that’s the initial plan you want to have.

We are aware that these services are often advertised as faster and cheaper than a detailed plan given by a professional orthodontist. However, there are significant risks associated that you must consider before opting for what is similar to paint-by-numbers techniques over the one tailored specially for you.

Here is what happens during a DIY orthodontic treatment

There is no one to supervise you and your treatment

Let’s say you take the dental impressions of your teeth by yourself and send them to the company. They will create the aligners and you receive them through the mail. What next? You will wear it but who will check your progress? How will you know if your teeth are being aligned in the right direction? What if you feel discomfort with the new set of aligners? This is when you realize the importance of orthodontic treatment under a professional orthodontist. The orthodontist will not only offer you Irvine Invisalign for clear aligners, but they will also stay by your side and guide you until you achieve your goal.

Your treatment is not customized

While it is evident from the above-mentioned point that the ready-made aligners are not tailored as per your requirements. They are just made in the factory according to some standard sizes.

Know that your teeth and mouth are as unique as you are. Thus, your mouth needs a thorough examination, the upper and lower arch, and the overall facial structure examination are critical to creating aligners that fit only your mouth. You do not achieve this kind of precision in an over-the-counter treatment.

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