Divorce Mediation in Texas – Everything that You Need to Know About it

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Divorce mediation in Amarillo Texas and elsewhere involves a third person with a neutral perspective who is brought in to resolve issues between the divorcing pair. This person is known as the ‘mediator’ and helps couples achieve a settlement that’s mutually agreeable. The issues in question here can include anything related to divorce, such as child custody and visitation, property division, child supportalimony, etc.

However, what is important to remember here is that a mediator is not a judge who can pronounce a decision. He/she is neither a counselor nor an arbitrator. They are simply a divorce mediator who works with couples and helps them get to a voluntary settlement.

Value of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is an amazing option with several benefits attached to its name for the filers, including:

  • Having a family lawyer take the case through the courts is more costly
  • Divorce issues are more likely to be resolved with a mediator specializing in such cases and both spouses being open to negotiation to ultimately reach an agreement
  • The mediation process is kept confidential and there are no records of what happens in mediation sessions unlike legal proceedings for divorce
  • The decision making power is in your hands and your spouse’s only. This implies more flexibility in deriving solutions
  • Divorce mediation improves communication between couples and provides the basis for smooth future interactions, especially if you have children

Duration of the Process

The duration of the process of divorce mediation largely depends on how long the couple in question takes to reach an agreement. And this part is what the mediator is mainly accountable for. Outcomes will be quicker and better if efficiency of the divorce mediator is high.

Nonetheless, one thing is certain: divorce mediation will take far lesser time than the usual court proceedings.

What to Expect

Depending on the severity of disagreement, you and your spouse might be asked to attend separate session with the mediator, meet the mediator together or both. The reason behind the mediator arranging separate session is mainly to allow each spouse to share their opinions and concerns freely.

After the meeting, the divorce mediator will reminisce over everything and jot down the areas where you and your spouse agree or don’t agree. They will figure out the best possible solutions for you both to agree on, ask for any materials that might be needed such as financial records, and discuss further in the next session to reach an agreement.

After Reaching an Agreement

Once both the spouses have agreed, the mediator will put the agreement into writing and get it signed by both of them. The agreement is binding and irrevocable and the same is then entered into the court. Next, the divorce is finalized and the necessary divorce paperwork is present to the court after being signed by the couple.

If an Agreement Is Not Reached

If there is still something that you and your spouse haven’t reached an agreement on, the issues will then be directed to the court where the judge will finalize them.

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