Difference between Astronomy and Astrology

Difference between Astronomy and Astrology
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07 December 2022

Astrology and astronomy may have similar roots, but they have distinctive factors. The study of the stars is astrology, and it attempts to study the positions, properties, and motions of the universe and celestial objects to know how they affect events and people. On the other hand, astronomy studies the universe and its contents while examining the same things.

For centuries, the desire for better astrological predictions became one of the motivations for astronomical theories and observations. Astrology used to be part of mainstream science until Isaac Newton demonstrated the physical processes of how celestial bodies affect one another. Doing so in the late 1600s allowed him to show that the same laws apply to the celestial sphere’s motion. As such, astronomy became a different field where predictions on celestial phenomena were created and tested with the scientific method.

In contrast, the study of the stars or astrology is now considered a pastime. Although some think of it as pseudoscience, many people still seek advice from astrologers when making important personal, medical, and professional decisions. They also consider astrology for guidance in navigating and overcoming the challenging aspects of their lives.

Combining astrology with psychology

Astropsychology is another system about the energetic awareness of one’s environment or the alchemy of elements and oneself. It seeks to identify who you are energetically and your outer and inner environments. Traditional schools won’t give you all the answers to these, so it might make sense to combine psychology with astrology.

Online courses are available to get you started. The study of the stars or astrology and psychology training is available all year round, as the lessons are on a server. As such, you can study online and at your own pace. Mastering astropsychology allows you to know your life and maintain the balance you need to become a healthier and happier individual. It may also inspire you to make a difference and help others achieve the same.

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