Dian Dian is going to marry the president.

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"I'm going to do it myself." "I haven't been back to Taiwan for a long time," said Qiu Lingyun, gazing out of the window with a flash of light in his eyes. "I want to take this opportunity to go back for a walk.." Then he turned to his big leather chair and looked at Billy, who had been standing at his desk. "Are you going to do it yourself?" Billy looked at him a little surprised. "Who will handle the business here?" "Of course it's you, otherwise who else will be there?" Qiu Lingyun smiled badly. " "No way!" Bailey whispered unwillingly. "You've already lost your construction company to me, and now you want to put the head office on me?!"! I'm not doing it! I see You'd better find the CEO to be in charge! "Looking for my father?" Qiu Lingyun shook his head and said, "Stop it! My father is eager to give me all the companies under the group's name. !” "Really?" Hands propped up on the desk, Billy looked straight at him, pointedly said: "I see … That's not why you're afraid to inform the CEO. "He's afraid of being forced to marry by our dear mother." The sudden sound came from the mouth of a strong man who appeared at the door of the president's office at an unknown time. His appearance was somewhat similar to that of Qiu Lingyun. You went to work on time today, Qiu Lingjun. Looking at the man, Qiu Lingyun looked at his watch and snorted coldly. Brother, you're afraid. Qiu Lingjun deliberately raised his voice, "it should be your mother who sent you and Annie's cousin to make a pile?!" "You can really read people's hearts!"! In that case So,ball valve manufacturer, during my business trip to Taiwan, the management of Liangbisi headquarters will be handed over to you. According to your talent, you must be able to manage the company very well. "Hello!"! Elder Brother I've never seen you love me so much in my life! And now you want to leave the company to me? Go to Taiwan alone?! "Happy?!"! I'm not going sightseeing! I want to go to Taiwan in person. The development of holiday centers in Taiwan is only one of the reasons. Besides, I also want to know about the development of tourism in Taiwan in recent years. "Eh?"? That's strange. ! Since we immigrated to France. I have never heard you mention that you want to visit the Taiwan branch. "Obviously, Qiu Lingjun is not satisfied with his brother's explanation." Brother,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, you seem to be very idle, but you even want to meddle in my affairs! "Qiu Lingyun's dark eyes flashed a cold light." If you are so free, you might as well put your mind on your work. If you don't get the business of Huangshang, you should know what will happen to you. Although Qiu Lingjun is Qiu Lingyun's own brother, Qiu Lingyun's strong hand in the market, but even the head of the Ling family-CEO Qiu Zhongkang, also have to admire. Qiu Lingjun looked at Qiu Lingyun's slightly murderous expression, and an inexplicable fear jumped up from the bottom of his heart. Brother, you're not. Do you want to transfer me from France? "Qiu Lingjun asked with fear." You are very self-aware. Dropping the file in his hand, Qiu Lingyun stood up and went to Qiu Lingjun, pipe fittings manufacturer ,brass tube fitting, "according to me." As far as we know, the South African branch is understaffed. "Wow!"! Elder Brother You.. Are you too cruel?! Qiu Lingjun wailed, "My confidants will commit suicide because of my departure!" It took a long time. This boy is reluctant to part with his warblers and swallows. "As it happens, this is a good opportunity for you to cultivate your moral character." Before he had finished speaking, the door of the secretarial office outside was slammed open, and after the loud noise of kicking the door, there was a charming sound that made people get goose bumps all over their bodies. "Brother Yun, why did you leave me alone at the banquet yesterday and then turn around and walk away?"? I don't care You must explain it well to me today, or I will tell my aunt … "Miss Annie, the president is in a meeting. You can't go in!" "Miss Ben will come if she wants to. It's none of your business. Get out of here!" "Miss Anne." "Miss Ben told you to go away. You don't understand, do you?" The sound of knocking high-heeled shoes came into the ears of three people, from far to near, and was about to enter the president's office. "Annie is coming!" Qiu Lingyun frowned slightly. "I'll go first." As soon as he turned around, he quickly left the secret door of the president's office. As soon as he stepped out, Annie stepped into the office. Hi! Annie Are you looking for big brother? He's not here 。” Looking at the man, Qiu Lingjun lied without changing his face. "Brother Jun, you lied to me. Just now the secretary said that Brother Yun was having a meeting in the office." Annie twisted the water snake and looked around. The enemy's mother and Anne's mother were cousins, and the two old men were interested in making up a pair of young people. Anne was also in favor of this matter, but I don't know what happened. When the two brothers of the enemy saw Anne, they were like seeing a ghost, and they were afraid to avoid it, let alone talk about marriage. He's really not here, or you can see for yourself. Qiu Lingjun looked very calm, but his body slowly moved out of the door. Although he had always played games with the world, neither of the brothers liked to be associated with Anne. Yes, Miss Anne, the president just left the office before you came. We didn't lie to you. Billy also showed his white teeth and comforted Annie with a smile. Be a good boy! If this gummy candy sticks to your body. I'm afraid it will take three days and three nights to get out of trouble. Annie clearly did not believe what they said. She started looking in the lounge of the president's office, then in the bathroom, under the desk, but did not lift the carpet to have a look. I told you he was gone! Long before you got here. He has already left for Taiwan! "Taiwan?"? What the hell is that place? ?!” Annie was so angry that she stamped her feet. "Brother Jun, how many days will Brother Yun go to Taiwan?" After waiting for a long time without hearing anyone answer,38 tube fitting, Annie turned around and just saw the figure of Qiu Lingjun and Bei Li disappear at the door of the president's office. Hateful! Qiu Lingyun You remember, I must chase you to the ends of the earth... There was a shrill scream, which almost rang through the office building more than fifty stories high. chinaroke.com

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