Cut the Planks: Use a saw to fit planks at the ends and corners.

Cut the Planks: Use a saw to fit planks at the ends and corners.
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08 August 2023

Particularly when working with SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) planks or other types of floating floors, cutting the planks to fit at the ends and corners is an essential step in the flooring installation process. Planks that are fitted properly provide a stable and long-lasting installation in addition to a neat and smooth appearance. In this manual, we'll show you how to cut the planks accurately and precisely with a saw.

Tools Necessary

Make sure you have the necessary tools before you start cutting the planks:

Jigsaw or Circular Saw: The best tools for cutting SPC flooring dubai planks are a jigsaw with a laminate or vinyl blade or a circular saw with a fine-toothed blade.

Using a measuring tape, you can determine the precise length of the plank needed for each cut.

Mark the plank's cutting line with a pencil or marker to provide a distinct and accurate cutting guide.

Wear safety goggles and ear protection when working with power tools to shield yourself from noise and flying debris.

Guide, Step-by-Step

For a polished and flawless installation, cut the SPC boards according to following instructions:

Before cutting any boards, determine the size of the area in which they will fit. To prevent errors and waste, measure accurately.

Measurements should be transferred to the plank that needs to be cut. Mark the cutting line on the surface of the plank with a pencil or marker.

Set up the Saw: If you're using a circular saw, change the depth of cut so that it corresponds to the thickness of the board. Make sure the proper blade for cutting laminate or vinyl flooring in dubai is installed in jigsaws.

Cut Along the Marked Line: Carefully line up the blade of the saw with the cutting line that has been marked. Keeping the plank firmly in place, cut the wood while being careful to move slowly and steadily. Be careful to cut precisely along the designated line.

Cutting for Corners: When cutting corners, mark the board with the width of the empty space as a guide. Cut the plank to the necessary width with the saw. Use a jigsaw to get more exact results while cutting complicated corner angles.

Fitting the Cut Plank: Once the plank has been cut, check to see how it fits in the area. Make any alterations required to provide a tight and accurate fit.

Repeat for Additional Planks: Repeat the process for additional planks, measuring and cutting each one precisely to preserve consistency.

How to Make a Clean Cut

For a clean cut and to reduce chipping, use a saw blade with fine teeth.

While cutting, hold the plank securely on a flat surface, like a sawhorse or workbench, to avoid splintering or unintentional harm to the edges.

Place masking tape or painter's tape along the cutting line before making the cut to prevent noticeable scuff marks on the surface of the board.


One of the most important steps in completing a polished and aesthetically pleasing flooring installation is cutting the SPC planks to fit at the ends and corners. Your floor will be seamless and stable if you follow the instructions in this book and use the appropriate tools and procedures. This will improve the appearance and usability of your room. Always prioritize your safety by using the proper protective gear and utilizing caution when working with power tools.


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