Creative Ways To Teach Math In Tutoring

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Transforming math lessons from dull to dynamic is all about making connections to the real world. If you are struggling to spike the interest of students in class when you teach maths online, here are some creative ways you can bring everyday scenarios into your tutoring sessions. This will make math interesting and super relevant for your students.

Use Shopping and Saving

Next time you teach something related to percentages, what better way than a virtual shopping trip? Guide your students through Amazon, picking items and calculating discounts and final prices. It’s an engaging way to apply math to real-life situations. Plus, it's a practical skill they'll use every time they shop online.

Baking with Fractions

Bring fractions to life in the kitchen. Challenge your students to alter a cookie recipe for a different number of people. If they're making cookies for half the usual number, how does that change the recipe? This approach will make fractions tangible with some delicious results!

Sports Statistics

You can use sports to make math fun and relatable. Have your students work out the batting average of their favorite baseball player or the winning probability of their soccer team. This is a great way to introduce them to the practical applications of statistics and probability in sports.

Travel Planning

Try turning a geography lesson into a math adventure in virtual tutoring jobs. Students will love this one. They can plan a trip, calculate distances between destinations, convert currencies, or work out time zone differences. It's an excellent way to teach them about budgeting, distance, and time, sparking their curiosity about the world.

Building and Geometry

Engage students with a hands-on DIY project. Whether it’s constructing a simple bookshelf or a birdhouse, discuss the required measurements, angles, and area calculations. This practical application shows how geometry is not just theoretical but a necessary part of everyday problem-solving.

Planting with Area and Perimeter

Bring math outdoors with a gardening project. Have students plan a garden layout, calculating the area and perimeter for planting different types of plants. This activity can teach scale, area, and even environmental awareness.

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