Creative Retail Visual Merchandising: Top Trends & Examples

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10 December 2022

Seed Heritage - Melbourne, Australia

The fashion store SEED heritage shows fabulous minimalist visual merchandising with monochrome theme

Image source: MIM design

The Seed Store in Melbourne Emporium is one of the most outstanding examples of fashion store visual merchandising. The store’s design, color, and lighting do fabulous justice to the retail brand’s monochrome theme.

With color minimalism, and enough breathable room for the customers to walk around, the store offers a calmingly pleasant experience. The light wooden texture of the flooring and walls contrasts with the beige curtains and sharp black & white fixtures, lights, furnishings, and even the apparel on display.

The central pod is a unique visual merchandising trick that the retailer uses to offer a ‘store-within-store’ experience; it instantly draws the customers’ attention toward the best products.

Key Takeaway: Your retail store visual merchandising must be aligned with the retail brand’s voice and theme.

2. Zara Home Store Moscow

Zara Home Store's creative visual merchandising uses daily home & lifestyle objects to create a story

Quite contrasting to the SEED store, Zara Home Stores embraces Maximalism in their creative visual merchandising. Maximalism doesn’t mean stuffing a space with the maximum number of objects; it means using objects for storytelling.

Just like every home has a feeling and a story inside it, the Zara Home Store Sets put together all the lifestyle essentials and gives the customer a visual sense of how it will appear in their homes.

One of the eccentricities of Zara’s retail visual merchandising sets is the table designs. Objects aesthetically clutter the table giving a ‘real-life’ feel.

Key Takeaway: Disorder and unconventional visual merchandising can also appear welcoming if it helps your store communicate a story effectively.

3. Stella McCartney - Multiple Stores (US, Asia & Europe)

Luxury fashion house Stella McCartney uses video walls on window displays to create an exquisite visual experience

Image Source: Installation

Another fashion retail brand, Stella McCartney aced visual merchandising with digital signage. For its Spring-Summer 2018 collection, the retail brand installed a mesmerizing array of video walls on its store windows.

While the mannequins wore pieces from the collection, the mosaic of hanging displays played high-definition content that clearly advocated the brand’s ultra-modern posh city-life leitmotif.

With warm interior lighting and minimum spotlight on the mannequins, the visual merchandising of the store uses the digital signage screen light to capture the passerby’s attention.

Key Takeaway: When done right, digital signage can be a powerful tool for retailers; it can show marketing videos and improve your store aesthetics at the same time.

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4. Coach’s window display - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The US-based fashion house Coach New York took storefront visual merchandising to a whole new level with its 3D immersive installations. The dynamic 3D displays create a larger-than-life experience as the brand mascot Rexy virtually jumps out of the window with the brand’s products in its mouth.

The playfulness is more than exhilarating. It shatters the dilemma in passersby’s minds, and people are tempted to enter the store for the sheer retailtainment.

After all, who doesn’t love a friendly little T-rex for a sales clerk!

Key Takeaway: If you can afford to go big, go big. And spend some extra bucks to make especially your window displays stand out. Doing the window display visual merchandising right is crucial.

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