Cozy Comfort: Why Small Apartments Trump Isolation for Older Individuals

Cozy Comfort: Why Small Apartments Trump Isolation for Older Individuals
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01 December 2023

When we are young, we look for bigger spaces and more amenities to plan our dream home. But as we start growing old, we realize that there are things we don't need anymore. We start looking for the available facilities rather than running to market for everything. At a young age, we long for the luxuries we can accommodate in our homes, whereas when we are old, we start looking for more comfort and less maintenance. This article will explore why small apartments are the cozy comforts for older individuals.

How does Aging make a difference?

Aging in place represents a shift from the traditional notion of seniors moving to retirement communities or nursing homes as they age. Instead, many older individuals remain in their homes or downsize to more manageable living spaces. The desire to maintain independence, familiarity, and a connection to one's community has fuelled this trend, leading to a revaluation of what constitutes an ideal living environment for seniors. In contrast, when we are young, we want the best amenities, more spacious and luxurious homes for ourselves. As we grow old, those needs change to the comfort and maintenance of the property.

How to do smaller and cozy comfort benefits?

Lower maintenance - You cannot look after the property as you grow old. As such, doing regular chores becomes more tedious than before. All you long for is comfort and your loved ones' care. It can be a significant concern for older individuals, especially for larger homes with expansive yards and multiple rooms. Smaller apartments offer a practical solution by significantly reducing the time and effort required for upkeep.

Close to the community - When you are young, you don't care much about the community. You are more adventurous and want to explore the world. Now that you are old, you want to stay connected to the other retired senior citizens at the same stage of life as you. You begin to long for that community connection and stay connected at the time of each other's need.

Amenities - Now that you are a senior citizen, you can't afford to make multiple runs to the market. You want to ensure that all your market needs are closer to you, that you do once a day or for some once a week. Living closer to grocery stores, public transportation, and community centres can make it easier for seniors to meet their daily needs and engage in social activities. Or you can find other solutions where all your required household stuff is delivered to your doorstep. 

Medical Facilities - One must be prepared for medical attention at any given time; therefore, choosing a cozy place closer to the medical facilities is an added advantage for older people. This proximity to medical institutions encourages their independent living.

Designing for Accessibility - Smaller apartments can be created with accessibility in mind, incorporating features that make daily living more manageable for older individuals. From wider doorways and zero-step entries to lever-style door handles and grab bars in bathrooms, thoughtful design considerations can enhance the safety and accessibility of living spaces.

Final Thought -

As we grow old, our lifestyle, living standards and requirements change. From luxuries and amenities, it moves to comfort and less maintenance. from large empty rooms to fill the loneliness with some community or social circle, from parties to looking for necessities close by like grocery shops, medical facilities or even public transportation. Everything changes to essential and less maintenance, self-care care and comfort. Therefore, cozy, comfortable apartments or units are ideal for the older generation for safety and security.That’s why it is crucial that one must connect with the senior real estate specialist or join any real estate group to understand better about the elderly requirements and look for the perfect units for your loved ones.

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