Comparing a Deep Plane and a Mini Facelift in Newport Beach

Comparing a Deep Plane and a Mini Facelift in Newport Beach
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For many people, having a facelift is an exciting but frightening thought. You might worry that the results will be too drastic, or conversely, that they will not be drastic enough to be worth the discomfort and healing time. For those dealing with these concerns, it might be a good idea to talk to your surgeon about alternative versions of the traditional facelift, such as the mini facelift or deep plane facelift.  
Here is what to know if you are considering a deep plane or mini facelift in Newport Beach – and who each procedure might be right for:
What is a Mini Facelift?
A mini facelift is typically a smaller and less invasive procedure than a traditional facelift. The term “mini facelift” is usually used interchangeably with a lower facelift. You may also hear these procedures referred to as a limited incision facelift or limited scarring facelift because of the technique used. 
Unlike a traditional full facelift – which typically results in scars in the hairline at the top of the face – a lower or mini facelift has much less scarring. This is because the area from the nose down to just beneath the chin is lifted and tightened through incisions behind or beneath the ear. This means that scars can easily be minimized and hidden, and results are more subtle but also more natural. 
Your surgeon may also recommend that you undergo a neck lift during this time. This allows the results of your mini facelift to blend seamlessly with a tighter, firmer neck – and prevents a saggy, crepey neckline from detracting from your beautiful result!
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