Common Myths About Teeth Aligners Busted!

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04 December 2023

With the rise in popularity of transparent braces like Invisalign and Toothsi, there are also many misconceptions and myths about how aligners work.

Teeth aligners are an appealing alternative to traditional braces for many. But it’s important to separate fact from fiction. Do teeth aligners move teeth as effectively as braces? Are they truly invisible? Can aligners fix complex issues or only minor alignments?

By debunking the most prevalent myths and false assumptions about clear teeth aligners, you can make an informed decision about whether aligners are right for your smile goals. Keep reading as we unpack the truth behind common teeth aligner myths - no smoke and mirrors here!

Common Myths About Teeth Aligners Busted!Common Myths About Teeth Aligners Busted!

Myth #1: Aligners Don’t Move Teeth As Well As Braces

One of the biggest aligner myths is that they can’t move teeth as effectively as braces for teeth. This simply isn’t true! Clear aligners use the same proven orthodontic principles and gentle pressure to shift teeth into place. However, aligners do this incrementally with a series of trays changed out every 1-2 weeks.

So the process takes a bit longer than braces but is just as effective in the end. Multiple studies confirm aligners like Invisalign and Toothsi aligners work equally well as braces for a variety of orthodontic treatments.

Myth #2: Aligners Are Completely Invisible

While marketed as “invisible braces”, aligners are not 100% imperceptible in reality. Clear aligner trays are made of smooth, transparent plastic custom-molded to your teeth. So they blend in very naturally with your smile.

However, upon very close inspection, you can see a clear tray hugging the teeth. Some attach small tooth-colored buttons or attachments to certain teeth to aid movement which are also faintly visible.

And removing the trays at meals or to brush is momentarily noticeable. But overall, teeth aligners offer a very discrete look compared to braces which is a huge appeal for most people. Just don’t expect them to be completely invisible or undetectable.

Myth #3: Aligner Treatment Timelines are Fixed

Common Myths About Teeth Aligners Busted!

How long will my teeth aligner treatment take? This is one of the first questions people ask about clear aligners. Some assume the timeline is fixed and fast like six months to a year. In reality, aligner treatment time varies substantially based on the complexity of your case and how your teeth respond.

On average**, teeth aligners** treatment ranges from 12-24 months but can be shorter or longer. Some minor crowding or spacing cases can be completed in less than 12 months. More complex bite or spacing corrections often take 18-24 months.

Common Myths About Teeth Aligners Busted!

Your orthodontist will provide a treatment timeline estimate but be prepared for this to fluctuate if teeth move faster or slower than predicted. Be patient and trust the process!

Myth #4: Aligners Require No Lifestyle Adjustments

Perhaps the biggest aligner myth is that they require no lifestyle changes. Transparent braces are removable so you can enjoy food and brush normally. But to work properly, aligners must be worn 20-22 hours daily.

You’ll also need to avoid hard or sticky foods that could dislodge them. And be prepared for added oral hygiene rigor to prevent staining or odors.

Additionally, aligners involve frequent orthodontist check-ins and new tray sets every week or two. So, while aligners don’t require major adjustments, you’ll still need to be diligent for best results. Be sure you can commit to the program before proceeding.


Separating fact from fiction is key when weighing the pros and cons of clear aligners versus other teeth straightening options. By debunking these prevalent teeth aligners myths, you can now decide based on realistic expectations. Want to explore aligners further? Check out GuideLign to find trained orthodontists in your area who can determine if clear aligners are right for your smile.

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