Cleaning Services in NYC: Everything You Need To Know

Cleaning Services in NYC: Everything You Need To Know
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19 December 2023

Cleaning services have become the backbone of our society in the aftermath of the pandemic. In addition to keeping ourselves clean and our homes, it is necessary to maintain our commercial spaces as well. Fortunately, standard cleaning services are a great option to keep our homes clean. Likewise, quality janitorial services are ideal for the workspace.

In New York, we have a plethora of cleaning companies ready to meet our cleaning needs. They all offer specific and customized cleaning services to choose from. For instance, standard cleaning services, deep cleaning services in NYC, etc.

It is important to know exactly what service you need. Furthermore, we need to assess what tasks these services cover as well. The path to making the best decisions to meet our cleaning needs is to arm ourselves with knowledge. With that in mind, let’s explore what cleaning services in New York have to offer. Let’s start with deep cleaning services and learn how they can benefit us.

Deep Cleaning Services in NYC                  

Deep cleaning is not a regular occurrence in our homes or offices. Depending on the location, weather and traffic, we may deep clean more or less often. For homes, it will suffice to hire deep cleaning services twice or even once a year if you have fewer belongings. For instance, spring cleaning is the only time most people deep clean their homes. In any case, here’s what you can expect:

  • To begin with, deep cleaning covers all the basics of cleaning that you would expect. From wiping down surfaces to brooming, vacuuming and mopping.
  • In addition to these, it also includes handling areas that are often ignored. You may not always be able to access the area under your fridge or behind shelves. That’s what deep cleaning is for.
  • Deep cleaning services in NYC will also clean ceiling fans, windows, switches, doorknobs, etc.
  • Furthermore, it also covers carpet and rug washing. Over time, the fabric of these materials attracts a lot of dust and debris.
  • Not to mention, this takes care of cleaning the floorboards, baseboards, curtains and other less accessible areas.

Hiring a deep cleaning service in NYC is a necessity at least once a year. You can then enjoy a clean home with no hidden crumbs, dirt or dust bunnies.

Standard Cleaning Services

Standard cleaning services are a useful service in today's world. With the capitalistic world pulling us deeper and deeper into the grind, we barely have enough time to care for ourselves, let alone our homes. At such times, standard cleaning services are a godsend. You can schedule a cleaning on weekdays when you’re at work. This way, you can come home to a clean place every day. Furthermore, you can also hire them precisely when you need them. For instance, after a big party or before you move into your new home.

  • Household Cleaning: Standard cleaning takes care of the typical tasks that are part of regular household cleaning.
  • From dusting surfaces and wiping down counters to cleaning the floors and general tidying up fall under this.
  • Moreover, the experts will take care of dishes, bathroom cleaning and organizing your items back in their place.
  • Emptying Trash: Cleaning services will also take out the trash and replace the garbage bags.

Standard cleaning is also a highly customizable service. Meaning, you can add chores that you need done in addition to what they provide. Likewise, you can also remove chores that you prefer doing yourself.

Maintenance and Cleaning Services

Maintenance and Cleaning Services are more inclusive. They combine general handymen services and standard cleaning. To begin with, they will perform all of the above chores mentioned in standard cleaning. In addition to this, they offer the following maintenance services:

  • Minor electrical works around the house. This means any repairs in electrical outlets, adding or removing them.
  • Further, they will change integrated ceiling lights requiring expertise.
  • That's not all, Maintenance and Cleaning Services also offer plumbing and repair in that regard. Fixing up the kitchen sink, leaks in the bathroom, etc.
  • Repairs to floorboards and small-scale woodwork.

In short, this is a blend of cleaning with general repair and maintenance. If your building has HVAC units, you can rely on them to take care of it.

Apartments Cleaning Services

The cleaning needs of apartments are different from that of commercial spaces and stand-alone homes. Remember that apartments differ from condos as well. However, their layouts and needs tend to be similar. As a result, Apartments Cleaning Services are ideal for both. They offer deep cleaning, standard cleaning and maintenance for both apartments and condos.

These services are also often more affordable as Apartments Cleaning Services are not as extensive. Apartment cleaning services are a great addition to condo maintenance.

Janitorial Services in NYC

Janitorial Services in NYC are a boon to commercial spaces. They offer round-the-clock services to keep the workplace clean.

  • Quality janitorial services ensure that the spaces your employees use are always clean. This means their desks, common places such as kitchens, bathrooms, and smoking rooms.
  • Quality janitorial services send a dedicated staff who focus on key areas in your office. They are almost a part of your workforce as they’ll be working with them and during the same hours.
  • Janitorial Services in NYC can be tailored to the needs of your office. If you areas to greet clients, visitors or partners. They will ensure it is ready and prepared for any surprise visits.
  • Further, they’re responsible for keeping the bathroom useable, odour-free and sanitised frequently.

One of the major benefits of quality janitorial service is more obvious after the pandemic. They regularly sterilise and disinfect every surface. For instance, they’ll constantly clean door knobs, desks, work surfaces and counters throughout the day. Furthermore, they clean the floor multiple times a day to keep your building looking impressive.


While it is true that cleaning services are varied, it’s not as complicated as it may seem. All you need is to understand what they offer and tailor them to your needs. Finally, choose a trustworthy company as they will have access to important areas in your home and office.

Go for a reliable company like DLL Cleaning and worry no longer. We offer tailored services, insurance, and bonded workers. Rest assured, your place is safe in our hands.

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