Choosing the Right Strategy for Financing Your Rental Property: Expert Guide

Choosing the Right Strategy for Financing Your Rental Property: Expert Guide
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Investing in real estate can be quite lucrative when done strategically. However, coming up with funds to purchase investment properties requires careful consideration. With so many options available, selecting the most suitable funding strategy is paramount. In this blog post, we'll cover the top 5 strategies that every real estate investor should explore for financing your rental property.

  • Rental Property Investment Loans: 

One of the best options is obtaining a rental property investment loan from a reliable private lender. Specialized lenders like VP Capital Lending offer loans tailored specifically for real estate investors. These loans provide maximum liquidity, with amounts ranging from $75k to over $10 million available to finance properties of all sizes.

Choosing the Right Strategy for Financing Your Rental Property: Expert Guide

They often allow up to 80% loan-to-value ratios, streamlined documentation, and fast closing times within 3 weeks. Both fixed and adjustable rate terms are available, along with the ability to tap equity through cash-out refinancing. VP Capital's expertise in underwriting rental properties results in financing solutions to fuel portfolio expansion.

  • Portfolio Loans: 

Investors with established rental portfolios have the advantage of applying for a single portfolio loan covering all their properties. This consolidated approach maximizes available capital and strategic flexibility. It allows acquiring additional assets to scale the portfolio efficiently. Leading private lenders provide portfolio loans backed by the cumulative value of all included properties.

  • Short-term Rental Loans: 

Catering specifically to short-term rental properties like Airbnb allows leveraging maximal returns. Specialized short-term rental loans from lenders like VP Capital can finance up to 80% of asset value. They offer terms tailored for high turnover rentals with flexible structures, quick approvals within 2-3 weeks, and cash-out refinancing options. This positions investors to capitalize on lucrative short-stay opportunities.

  • Home Equity Lines of Credit: 

For smaller investments, home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) provide revolving access to capital backed by existing home equity. Interest rates are often lower than other investment property loans. However, sufficient equity built up over time is needed for qualification. HELOCs free up funds as and when required for various stages in a rental property purchase or renovation.

  • Long-Term Rental Financing: 

Experienced investors seeking long-term rental financing for stable cash flow can benefit from commercial mortgages on larger apartment complexes and multi-unit buildings. Private lenders offer loans up to $5 million for diverse commercial asset types across 10-25 year terms. This allows owning properties that produce reliable rental income for decades.


Carefully evaluating one's goals, resources, and timing is key to choosing the optimum funding strategy. An expert rental property lender like VP Capital Lending provides the guidance needed to tailor the right financing solutions and pave the way for real estate investment success. The foundation of a strong funding plan is essential for maximizing returns through rental property acquisition and management.


  1. Is it good to invest in rental property loans? 
    A. Yes, investing in rental property loans is good, but only if you have a clear investment strategy and goals, a stable financial solution and a backup plan for mitigating potential risks.

  2. What is a good rental yield in the USA?
    B . In the real estate industry, anything between 7-8% is considered a "good" gross yield. A gross yield of 8% means that 8% of the initial cost of the property will be recouped in rent annually, before expenses.
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