Choose the Best Motorcycle Shipping Services

Choose the Best Motorcycle Shipping Services
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Nothing beats taking your motorbike out for a precise morning ride, but there are occasions when you need to go far enough that riding your motorcycle isn't viable. Whether it's a distance that's too far to go in the time available, relocating in the dead of winter, or selling your motorbike to someone far away, you'll need a motorcycle shipping company.

Any of these choices for motorcycle shipping can give you a simple way to move a bike from one state to another. In addition, they provide various shipping options to transport your motorbike in the most practical manner.

What Should You Think About While Shipping Your Motorcycle?

It's important to consider more than one motorcycle shipping company for the shipping cost of transporting your motorcycle. Choose a reliable, licenced, and insured business. Find another shipper if you need help finding this information. 

Moreover, seek a shipper with experience shipping motorcycles. While many shippers can do the job, a motorcycle-only shipper knows the best practices for shipping motorcycles to ensure their safe arrival at their new site.

It is also necessary to examine the mode of transportation. Speciality bikes, in particular, must be adequately secured to avoid damage during shipment. This features motorcycle tie-downs, covered transport, and enough space between bikes to get them on and off the trailer.

What Qualities Should a Motorbike Shipping Company Have?

Look up any motorcycle shipping company you're thinking about online to check whether customers are satisfied with their services. Even the finest businesses occasionally make errors and receive unfavourable reviews, but it's simple to spot whether there's a trend of satisfied or dissatisfied clients. 

It's also a fantastic technique to determine whether a specific transportation method is problematic. Motorcycle shipping company may do exceptionally well in the United States but could do better when shipping to Europe. They may perform well with the majority of motorcycles but struggle with those that are more unusual. Online reviews might influence your decision.

Ensure they provide a formal estimate that includes a breakdown of all the motorbike shipping charges. All costs, like tolls and additional insurance, should be mentioned. To make the overall price apparent, it should also show any reductions. A quotation with little specifics increases the likelihood of additional costs being added once your motorcycle is delivered.

What is the price of shipping a motorcycle?

The price for transporting your motorcycle varies based on some variables. You should budget $500 on average to ship your motorcycle. Short-distance relocation costs as little as a few hundred dollars, so the shorter the distance, the less you anticipate paying. If you're shipping more than 1,000 miles, those figures will probably increase, and you'll likely be paid per mile rather than a fixed fee. Costs are increased by international shipping as well.

Check your contract very carefully for any unstated costs. This includes toll expenses, port fees, and entrance and permission fees for the nation if you're skipping over the ocean. Again, the cost of shipping increases with distance, making Europe more inexpensive than Australia.

How can a motorbike be sent at the lowest price?

Saving money while transporting your motorcycle depends significantly on your flexibility. For example, you may save a lot of cash if your delivery and pickup dates are flexible. Also, using an open trailer rather than an enclosed trailer is less expensive, but the danger of damage is greater.

What is the most effective method for moving a motorcycle?

The ideal method for shipping a motorbike is to utilise an enclosed trailer and a trustworthy carrier. This considerably lowers the likelihood that inappropriate techniques or debris can cause harm to your motorbike. In addition, motorcycle shippers with experience know how to secure your vehicle to keep it safe properly.

What bike size is considered to be the maximum?

Your motorcycle's maximum length and breadth should be 96 and 40 inches. But, of course, knowing your bike's weight is also crucial. You can ask your shipper about their rules, though.

How to Get Ready to Ship a Motorbike?

1.Get your motorbike washed.

The more dirt there is, the more likely it is that dust from the wheels will be kicked up while being transported and harm your motorbike. Ensure no soil stains are on the tyres and clean off any heavy dirt. You may assess your motorcycle's condition before a trip by thoroughly washing it.

2. Examine the motorbike for any prior damage.

Create pictures and cars before sending the motorbike. This will enable you to document its state.

3. Check the bike's fluid levels, battery, and tyre pressure.

If your tyres need to be inflated, your steering should be freed, and the bike should move quickly.

4. Remove anything unsecured.

This includes the bike's extras. During transit, loose or connected objects may be lost or cause scratches.

5. Disconnect alarms.

If an alarm system is present, it must be turned off before leaving, or an alarm remote must be supplied.

6. When shipment, you should only have a quarter gas tank.

This enables you to ride the motorcycle from wherever it is delivered to a gas station while preventing larger tanks from leaking, accumulating fumes, or causing other issues.


Using a four-pronged research strategy, motorcycle shipping company determines pricing trends and generates industry averages:

Contrast the quotes. From ten different providers, we gathered more than 200 quotes. The bids for transporting a motorbike over 11 distances included costs for both open-air and enclosed vehicles.

Purchasing a mystery. To collect pricing information and understand how the brokers determine their charges, we posed as clients and contacted motorbike transportation firms.

Yearly schedule. This process is repeated annually, and we store our data so we may compare patterns over time.

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