Choose The Best Furnace For Your Home

Choose The Best Furnace For Your Home
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Ontario winters can be worse without a proper heating system. With the help of our furnace sales in Ottawa, Ontario, you can also look into the newest models. They offer the most efficiency while using less energy at a lower cost.

Getting professional guidance before making any major furnace repairs or purchases is best.

Types of Furnaces

Before purchasing a new furnace from the furnace sales company in Ottawa, you should investigate the many kinds of heating furnaces that would be suitable for your home.

  • Single-Stage Furnace

Single-stage furnaces come with only one heating output level. It is cost-efficient but has low energy efficiency, which makes it a less popular choice than the others.  

  • Two-Stage Furnace

Two-stage furnaces come with low and high levels of heating output. Depending on the temperature, they can work at higher or lower capacity as required. They are costlier than single-stage furnaces.

However, they are more efficient and can reduce monthly bills. Two-stage ones are the best choice if you want to replace your old furnace.

  • Modulating Furnace

This type of furnace is also adjustable according to the temperature. It is highly efficient and provides better temperature control. Modulating furnaces are energy-efficient, which means they use less energy to provide supreme efficiency. They can be costly, but they are a great choice for a long-term investment.

Ideal Furnace Models For Your Home

Here are some models offered by the top furnace sales company in Ottawa that offer affordable, efficient, and green furnaces suited to your needs. Here, we have discussed a few models that will help you maximise the potential of high-performing furnaces.

  • Lennox ML296V -To get maximum comfort in your budget, this Lennox model is ideal. It comes with a two-stage gas valve and a variable blower motor.
  • Bosch BGH96 -This model, when paired well, provides great efficiency at an affordable cost. This model is the only one that Bosch makes.
  • Rheem R96T -This Rheem model is not only efficient and reliable, but it is cost-effective as well. It has a two gas valve, with an efficiency of about 96%.
  • Lennox SLP99V - Itis considered to be one of the best models that comes with a variable-speed heater. It also works with a lower noise level.



If you want more comfort this winter, furnaces will be a great addition to your family. Consult the experts to learn about the furnaces offering more efficiency and comfort. If you are concerned, there are also green furnaces to choose from.

With furnace sales in Ottawa, Ontario, you can get efficient repair, cleaning, maintenance, or replacement services. Just make sure you choose the right brand and experts for installation. That will make sure your high-performance furnace is up and running all the time!

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