Child Bone Building Activities With Tasty Calcium Gummies

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Promoting regular physical activity in kids lays the foundation for lifelong healthy bones. Active play during childhood sets them up with strong and dense bones. Unfortunately, many kids today spend excessive time living sedentary, technology-centered lifestyles. Hours upon hours sitting stationary with eyes glued to screens severely affects proper bone development.

Let's look at fun activities that are suitable for your kids to build stronger bones!

Kids (1-3 yrs) Bone Builders

1. Playground fun

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Climbing ladders, sliding down slides as well as swinging from monkey bars, and hanging on beams - playgrounds are great for skeletal stimulation! Outdoor recess games are a great way to strengthen your muscles and lift weights. Your child's unbalancing will have fun as you observe their coordination, balance, and strength continue to improve.

2. Moving

Let your little dancer spin around while they do their dance to fun music. The spinning, swiping, and shaking booty are all full-body exercises that increase endurance and flexibility. Dancing games make exercising fun instead of an obligation!

3. Follow the leader

Come up with your own silly walks and difficult moves for your kid to imitate as they walk or follow you. Swaying like the crab, squatting and crouching like a frog, or standing in a variety of poses keep things lively and help bones to improve joint stability and strength.

Child (4-8 years) Bone Boosters

1. Hopscotch

This timeless game on the playground increases bone density in the hips as well as the spine with leaping and balancing. Try challenging your kid's grade schooler to a single leg hops, or reverse jumps to increase the intensity! With chalk, you can create innovative patterns with advanced features for additional bone stimulation.

2. Trampolining

Jumping on trampolines is really good for kids' bones! Trampolines can be used indoors or outdoors. When kids land after bouncing, their thigh and hip bones take on a lot of body weight and force. This pressure actually helps renew and strengthen the bone tissue. Studies show up to 80% of trampoline jumpers put very good strain on their bones with each landing. This strain forces the bones to keep rebuilding themselves to handle the impact. So all that jumping makes bones stronger! Trampoline time is both super fun for kids and very beneficial for their developing bones.

3. Swimming

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Swimming is great exercise for kids even though they don't carry weight in the water. Moving through water creates resistance that strengthens muscles all over the body. Actions like kicking, stroking arms, and walking through the pool build powerful muscles. These muscles then help support and protect kids' bones and connective tissues.

Preteens (9-12 years old) Bone Boosters

1. Soccer

Running up and down the soccer field provides great bone exercise. Lots of movement tones hip and leg bones. Pivoting and side-to-side footwork strengthen ankles and knees. Soccer also uses head drills to improve neck and spine flexibility. Beyond bone health, soccer builds teamwork skills too.

2. Basketball

Dribbling, shooting hoops, jumping and bouncing in basketball stresses bones. Grabbing rebounds off backboards puts 4-5 times body weight onto bones. This high impact from landing builds density. The starting/stopping and shuffling also strengthens joints and muscles that support bones.

3. Skateboarding

Riding along sidewalks and attempting skateboard tricks requires total body balance. It forces ankles, knees and feet to constantly adjust. This can cause small bone fractures that trigger faster, healthier bone regrowth. But be sure to wear protective padding to prevent major fractures!

Teen (13-18yrs) Bone Boosters

1. Strength

strength training for strong bones in kids with calcium gummies

Starting strength training as an adult boosts bone health. Lifting weights directly strengthens bones in loaded areas. It also builds muscle. Muscles pull and push on bones, which keeps bone turnover active. Exercises using resistance bands, overhead presses, squats and more are great starts!

2. Hiking

Walking up and down hills and uneven ground forces ankles, knees and feet to balance. This gives bones in the hips, quads and spine a constant workout too. Hiking outdoors builds strong bones while enjoying nature.

3. Tennis

Fast swing speeds and quick starts/stops in tennis build strong bones. Weight-bearing while playing increases ankle, knee, and hip bone density. Side-to-side drills improve balance and strength too. This helps better performance on the court.

Although physical activities make up the majority of children's strategies to boost bone mass, nutrition plays an important support role too. The calcium-rich food group helps in building strong bones to support the skeletal system's constant development. Vitamin D and calcium gummies can help your child to get the nutrition which your kid needs.

The benefits of physical activity and nutrition have the same goal to achieve and that is achieving maximum bone density throughout the childhood. The ease of chewable calcium gummies that contain vitamin D has made getting enough nutrients fun and delicious!

In Conclusion:

In conclusion, physical exercise along with good nutrition is very important for healthy bone development in kids. Activities that get kids moving and burning energy help make their bones stronger. A balanced diet with enough calcium and vitamin D also helps build strong, healthy bones.

It's good to start getting kids into physical fitness early on. Playing fun games like tag, soccer, or basketball gives them exercise that is good for their brains and bones. Doing activities as a family can encourage lifelong healthy habits.

Along with fitness, a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D keeps bones in top shape. Getting enough of these nutrients mean drinking milk, eating yogurt and cheese, and taking daily calcium gummies. Building these healthy diets and lifestyle habits from childhood can give your kids the best chance of having strong bones into adulthood.

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