Characteristics of the Realistic Tattoo Artist in New York at Valtaboo!

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Portrait Tattoos in Manhattan are in high demand owing to their super realistic outcomes for your loved one or a specific image. However, your aspiration to get that fantastic portrait tattoo can become a reality only when you get it done with the best Realistic Tattoo Artist in New York at Valtaboo. The tattoo artist, Valentina Riabova, comes with the experience and experience to deliver a realistic tattoo without making a mistake and spoiling the entire thing! Please take a look at her work on

Let's look at the characteristics that set Valentina Riabova as your Realistic Tattoo Artist in New York!

Characteristic  # 1. Super Organized

In general, tattoo artists come with a reputation for being disorganized! But that's not true at all. On the contrary, they need to be super organized because their job involves being super focused on creating a permanent piece of art on your body. You can rest assured of this quality when you choose Valtaboo as your Realistic Tattoo Artist in New York.

When you walk into the studio of Valentina Riabova at Valtaboo, you will find everything kept well, clean, and sanitary to get your Realistic Tattoo Artist in New York.

Characteristic  # 2. Flexible

Valentina Riabova's expertise in Portrait Tattoos in Manhattan is well known. The other aspect that sets her apart is her flexibility to adapt and adjust to her clients, as each would have different expectations and temperaments.

Characteristic  # 3. Detail-Oriented

The Realistic Tattoo Artist in New York at Valtaboo comes with an eye for detail. That is essential when you wish to get a realistic tattoo done on yourself, where one error can ruin the entire image on your skin.

It is crucial to understand that tattooing is not like drawing in a sketchbook but something permanent that you are getting done on your body, and hence, choosing the best tattoo artist at Valtaboo for your Portrait Tattoos in Manhattan is the best decision to make!

Characteristic # 4. Truly artistic

Any tattooing is an authentic piece of art and requires an artistic blend and eye to get that chosen realistic tattoo done on your skin. You will find many tattoo artists claiming themselves to be the best and most creative, but check if they are the ones who do the tattoo using a stencil rather than creating from their minds or the image in front of them.

Well, it takes years to master the art of doing the best Portrait Tattoos in Manhattan, and you can surely trust the work of Valentina Riabova at Valtaboo.

Characteristic # 5. Stays Updated With New Trends

The trend and style keeps changing in everything, and so is the case with tattoos. The tattoo artist at Valtaboo keeps herself up-to-date with all the new trends and styles. This ensures that your tattoo also gets done with modern equipment and techniques.

Characteristic # 6. Comes With A Passion For Tattoos

To excel, you need to love what you do! That makes Valentina Riabova at Valtaboo the best Realistic Tattoo Artist in New York. She exuberates passion for tattooing, which is evident in her tattoo work for you.

She is self-motivated and ensures to give you, as her client, the best outcomes with her perfect tattoo work!

Some Quick Insights from Valtaboo

1. What is the minimum age to get a tattoo done?

You need to be a minimum of 18 years of age to get your Portrait Tattoos in Manhattan. If below 18 years old, then it requires a parent consent letter.

2. Which areas are less painful to get your tattoo done?

Areas of your body with the fewest never endings, more fat, and tick skin are the least painful to get your tattoo done.

3. What is the usual time taken for a tattoo to heal?

Well, the healing time of a tattoo depends on the size and complexity of the design being tattooed. The usual time taken is 2 to 6 weeks.

Ink yourself today!

If you are looking for the best Realistic Tattoo Artist in New York, why wait to book a session at Valtaboo with Valentina Riabova? Click here to get started!

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