Care Package Must-Haves: Essential Items To Include For Every Occasion

Care Package Must-Haves: Essential Items To Include For Every Occasion
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A care package is a thoughtful way to show you care. Whether it's a quick trip or an extended stay, there are many reasons why someone in the hospital might be feeling lonely and like they need some comfort. affordable care packages Nz can help cheer up your loved one, so we've put together this list of must-have items for every occasion.

Hygiene Products

Hygiene products are an essential part of any care package. They're also one of the most important items to include because they can make or break your loved one's day.

  • Soap, shampoo and conditioner: If you send your friend or family member a fresh bar of soap, they'll know that you care about their hygiene and don't want them smelling like an old pair of gym socks (or worse).
  • Deodorant: You wouldn't want someone else wearing your deodorant because it's personal--so why would they want to use yours? Send them some deodorant from home so they can have something familiar during their time away from home.
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste Combo Pack: When you're at school away from home for weeks at a time, it's easy for things like toothbrushes to get lost in transit or tossed out by mistake when sharing dorm rooms with other students who have different tastes than yours when it comes down to what kind of toothpaste should go into their bathroom drawer! To avoid these kinds of situations altogether just send along some extra ones as part of your package!


You can never have too much entertainment. If your care package recipient is stuck in the hospital or nursing home, they will appreciate a good book to pass the time. Make sure it's something that they'll actually enjoy reading--don't just grab whatever is lying around the house!

If you want to make sure your recipient feels like he or she is getting something new and exciting, consider including some new games or decks of cards (and maybe even some playing cards). You could also include puzzles and music CDs if you feel like these might be appropriate for him/her.

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Reading Material

Reading material is a must-have for any care package. It doesn't matter what the occasion is or how long your loved one will be traveling, reading material is always appreciated by those who have limited access to books and magazines.

The type of book or magazine that you include depends on whether your loved one is staying in one place for a week or months at a time, but generally speaking it's better to pack something shorter like a paperback novel rather than an entire encyclopedia set (unless they're traveling somewhere remote). If you know that there's going to be lots of sitting around during their trip then maybe try throwing in some magazines instead! 

The point here is that if you can find out what kind of stuff they like reading then go ahead and get them something related - this way it feels more thoughtful than just grabbing whatever looks good at the bookstore checkout line before heading home again later on today's flight back into town.

Comfort Items

You can never go wrong with comfort items. Snacks, clothes, blankets and pillows are all great items to include in your care package.

  • Snacks: You don't want your loved one to go hungry! Include some of their favorite snacks (in case they don't like what you sent).
  • Comfortable clothes: If it's cold where they live or if their room isn't properly heated, this is an essential item for winter care packages. It's also nice when someone comes home from the hospital after surgery--they need something comfortable to wear so they can rest easy after all that recovery time spent in bed!


We hope this list has helped you to think about the types of items you can include in your Care Package Nz. Remember that it's not just about sending things that are useful, but also about sending things that will make someone feel loved and cared for by others who may be far away from home. There are so many ways to express your love through thoughtful gifts, so don't be afraid to experiment with different kinds before settling on just one kind of care package!




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