Can Pest Control Get Rid of Cockroaches?

Can Pest Control Get Rid of Cockroaches?
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24 January 2023

A cockroach infestation can result in a variety of potentially serious health problems, such as increased allergies, asthma attacks, intestinal problems, and more. These annoying insects are easily drawn inside by dampness near the home's exterior in need of a comfortable habitat. They also need access to food, water, warmth, and shelter. Once the bugs establish a foothold, their numbers can grow swiftly. The widespread German cockroach can enter a home through infected furniture, beverage cartons, or grocery bags. American, Oriental, and wood cockroaches are just a few examples of species that can enter through cracks around windows, doors, vents, utility openings, and firewood.

It is possible to get rid of cockroaches in a variety of ways. Every method can successfully manage cockroaches when used in the right way. The best method to manage cockroaches in your house or place of business is with professional pest control services, which ensure a lasting fix and avoids re-infestation.

Cockroach Elimination Methods

Using a variety of methods, cockroaches can be best controlled. Exterminators use a range of techniques to get rid of roaches in your home. They start by determining what kind of cockroach is infesting your home. All of these cockroach varieties have wings, although their preferred form of transportation is to crawl across the floor or up walls. To get rid of roaches in your house, exterminators and pest control services adopt a strict strategy. Gel bait insecticides, fumigation, boric acid, hydramethylnon, and fipronil are among the chemicals and techniques exterminators employ most frequently to get rid of cockroaches.

Insecticide Treatment

Although excellent housekeeping is beneficial, insecticides are typically required to get rid of infestations. Cockroaches can be managed using a wide variety of pesticides. While many are prepared as edible baits or dust, others are offered as liquid or aerosol sprays. Removing food and utensils near treated locations typically improves accessibility for treatment and guards against insecticide contamination. Instead of arbitrarily spraying baseboards, countertops, and other exposed surfaces, the focus should be placed on identifying and treating preferred potential breeding spots.

Gel Bait

Since gel baits are a successful method of getting rid of cockroaches, cockroach pest control specialists frequently employ them. These gels come in a convenient syringe and use a variety of pesticides. Anywhere roaches hide throughout your house, such as in cracks and crevices, this syringe can administer little amounts of the gel. After consuming the gel bait, the roaches will quickly perish. The best feature of gel bait is its ability to eradicate multiple generations of cockroaches when combined with specific insecticides. Roaches eat one another's bodies and waste, which allows poisoned and dead insects to spread insecticide to living things.

Tent Fumigation

Cockroaches are reported to be able to survive tent fumigation, therefore its effectiveness against them may be restricted. Even if just a few roaches survive, their rapid rate of reproduction allows them to quickly proliferate. You'll soon find yourself back at your starting point.

Chemicals for Cockroach Pest Control

These chemicals are potent, particularly the ones employed in fumigation. A house should not be occupied while a tent is being fumigated. You should leave the property if the aforementioned chemical treatments are used, except boric acid treatment.

Boric Acid

One of the most often used roach-controlling substances is boric acid. It is frequently used as dust that is spread across surfaces around the house and blown into cracks and crevices where cockroaches hide.  This is a fantastic method for long-term roach control because boric acid maintains its effectiveness almost indefinitely as long as it remains dry. Also used for over a century, boric acid is an inexpensive and efficient roach killer. Boric acid poses a negligible threat to children and pets.


A powerful insecticide for getting rid of cockroaches is indoxacarb. Indoxacarb may also be used to kill your roaches by cockroach pest control specialists. It is frequently a component of gel baits. Live roaches are also poisoned by indoxacarb when they come into touch with feces and corpses of poisoned insects, just like the baits. Up to three generations of cockroaches can be eliminated by this powerful insecticide.


Since hydramethylnon only has an impact after ingestion, roach bait frequently employs it. When consumed by the cockroach, it kills the pest by interfering with its metabolism and means of generating energy. This insecticide kills German roaches with remarkable efficiency.

When to Call a Cockroach Pest Control Expert?

DIY cockroach extermination can be a cost-effective solution with the use of over-the-counter insecticides and cockroach baits found at the neighborhood hardware store. The best applications for these products are in the prevention, early detection, and treatment of infestations in individual residential locations.

It's time to call pest control services if DIY projects or natural remedies haven't succeeded in getting rid of the roaches. It is always preferable to take action and call the exterminator as soon as you notice cockroaches. The earlier you call, the smaller and easier the infestation will be to get rid of. The cost and difficulty of cockroach removal increase with the size of the infestation.


Pest control services are proficient at their work, which includes determining the extent of your cockroach infestation, creating a treatment plan, and carrying it out by eliminating the cockroaches. Roaches can be removed from your house using a variety of methods used by cockroach pest control experts. Roaches in your home are eliminated by pest control firms using a strict strategy.

Prices for experienced exterminators normally start at around $100, but they can potentially be in the $400–500 range. The size of your house, the cost of living in your neighborhood, and the extent of your roach infestation will all affect these figures. For the removal of severe cockroach issues, you may have to spend up to thousands of dollars, so make your property roach free as soon as you find a small infestation.

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