Can IV Therapies Treat Cold and Flu Symptoms?

Can IV Therapies Treat Cold and Flu Symptoms?
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Are you feeling under the weather? Cold, flu and fatigue can sometimes make even the simplest
task feel like climbing Mount Everest. Having a cold or flu is a common health concern that we
all experience very frequently. While some people prefer over-the-counter medications, some
go for new approaches. One such new approach is IV therapies.
In recent times, IV Therapies have been effective in giving you relief from cold and flu
symptoms. These therapies have essential nutrients, vitamins and electrolytes that provide
hydration and replenish the body’s fluid levels. These therapies are being preferred by many
people as they give you faster relief than traditional medication as it reaches your bloodstream

What procedure is followed to administer an IV Therapy?

1. On visiting any clinic or wellness center, you first meet a healthcare professional who does a
detailed wellness consultation for you.
2. After this, you are briefed about the best suited IV therapy, its dosages, duration and benefits.
3. Once you have received all the necessary information and the medical screening is done, IV
therapy is administered.
4. A medical professional stays with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
5. One session takes around 30-45 minutes.
6. Once the session is over, you can leave the wellness clinic and carry on your daily activities with
no downtime

What are the benefits of IV Therapy to treat cold and flu symptoms?

IV Therapies deliver antioxidants, vitamins and electrolytes, and nutrients directly into the
bloodstream thus allowing faster absorption as compared to oral supplements. REVIV’s Ultraviv
IV therapy rehydrates the body and provides a much-needed energy boost to cure your flu and
cold. Let’s see some other benefits which this IV therapy provides:

1. Relieves pain & nausea –

Ultraviv IV therapy offers a multitude of benefits which also
include relief from pain and nausea. This therapy has turned out to be a game changer
for people who look for prompt relief from cold and flu. A specialised blend of vitamins,
minerals and amino acids directly delivered into the bloodstream eases these symptoms.

2. Reduces inflammation –

IV Therapies are emerging as a go-to solution for reducing
inflammation. IV blends with antioxidants and Vitamin C can curb inflammatory
responses. As it is administered directly into the bloodstream, it gives faster relief from
swelling and inflammation, ultimately promoting enhanced patient outcomes and

What are some other benefits of IV Therapies?

IV Therapies are not only effective in helping people suffering from flu or cold. It has a lot of
other benefits such as giving relief from hangovers. It also helps athletes boost their energy
levels and enhance their athletic performance. It restores energy levels and reduces any kind of

Custom IV Therapies

Other than being beneficial in so many aspects, another amazing thing about IV therapy is that
it can be customized as per your needs. Different people have different requirements and as per
the specific bodily requirements, these therapies can be tailored. REVIV customizes these
therapies as per your specific demands.


The potential of IV therapies has emerged as a smart choice for treating cold and flu. If you are
looking for a quicker and more efficient way to tackle these symptoms, IV therapies can be one
of the most efficient solutions. Choosing IV therapies is an effective way to boost your health
and wellness. You can visit REVIV and go for the Ultraviv IV therapy to cure your seasonal flu and
cold symptoms. Stay well and healthy with REVIV

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