Calculating the Cost to Ship Your Car Across the Country

Calculating the Cost to Ship Your Car Across the Country
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02 September 2023

Moving or purchasing a vehicle from a distant location can be an exciting endeavor. However, one of the critical aspects to plan for is the cost associated with shipping your car across the country. In this article, we will delve into the details of how to calculate and manage the expenses related to car shipping.

Estimating the Total Cost

Calculating the cost to ship your car across the country involves several key considerations:

1. Distance

The distance your vehicle needs to travel is a primary cost factor. Longer journeys typically result in higher shipping costs. Determine the exact mileage and route your car will take to estimate this expense accurately.

2. Vehicle Dimensions

The size, weight, and dimensions of your vehicle will influence the shipping cost. Larger or heavier vehicles occupy more space on the carrier and may require specialized handling.

3. Shipping Method

You can choose between open and enclosed carriers. Open carriers are cost-effective but expose your vehicle to the elements. Enclosed carriers offer better protection but come at a higher price.

4. Additional Services

Consider any additional services you may need, such as expedited shipping, door-to-door delivery, or inoperable vehicle handling. These services will add to the overall cost.

5. Timing

The time of year can affect the cost. Peak seasons and adverse weather conditions may result in higher prices. Planning your shipment during off-peak times can help reduce expenses.

6. Insurance

Factor in insurance coverage for your vehicle during transport. Most reputable car shipping companies offer insurance options to protect your investment.


In conclusion, understanding the cost to ship car across country involves careful consideration of distance, vehicle dimensions, shipping method, additional services, timing, and insurance. To ensure a smooth and cost-effective transportation experience, obtain quotes from multiple auto transport companies, compare their services and prices, and choose a reliable provider that meets your specific needs. Proper planning will not only save you money but also guarantee the safe and secure delivery of your vehicle to its destination.

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