Bullet Club Jacket

Bullet Club Jacket
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29 December 2023

On May 3, 2023, at Dontaku, the wrestling world celebrated a significant milestone as BULLET CLUB marked a full decade as a formidable force in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. As we delve into the origins and evolutions of one of the most influential factions in wrestling history, we’ll take a journey through the annals of BULLET CLUB, highlighting key moments that defined its legacy.

Beyond the headline-grabbing personal animosities within BULLET CLUB, the ‘BULLET CLUB OGs’ were orchestrating moves of their own. At Dontaku, Tama Tonga played the role of recruiter, bringing Taiji Ishimori into the fold as the ‘new Bone Soldier.’ Ishimori’s addition proved strategic, countering Will Ospreay at the top of the junior heavyweight division. Meanwhile, the Young Bucks issued a challenge to EVIL and SANADA for the IWGP Tag Team Championships, setting the stage for a monumental clash at Dominion.

Bullet Club Jacket

Night two at Dontaku witnessed Kazuchika Okada achieving the unprecedented by defeating Hiroshi Tanahashi, extending his IWGP Heavyweight Championship reign to the longest in history at V12. Despite this historic achievement, Okada’s satisfaction was marred by one hollow defense — his 60-minute draw with Kenny Omega in June 2017. A desire for closure led to a monumental rematch, set for June 9, 2018.

While Tama Tonga’s recruitment of Taiji Ishimori had yet to bear fruit, the Dominion 2018 card showcased a BULLET CLUB success story. The Young Bucks captured the IWGP Tag Team Championships, making history as only the second team to win both junior and heavyweight tag gold. Meanwhile, the main event saw Kenny Omega’s crowning glory, defeating Hiroshi Tanahashi and claiming the IWGP Heavyweight gold at just 26 years old.

Bullet Club Jacket

Amidst these triumphs and tribulations, the iconic Bullet Club Jacket emerged as a symbol of unity and rebellion. Worn by the members of BULLET CLUB, the jacket became a statement of camaraderie and shared ambition. Whether in the heat of battle or the celebration of victory, the Bullet Club Jacket is a tangible representation of the history and spirit that define this legendary faction.

In conclusion, as BULLET CLUB embarks on its eleventh year, the journey from Dontaku 2013 to the present day is a testament to the enduring legacy of this iconic faction. The Bullet Club Jacket stands as a tangible relic, weaving together the threads of history and camaraderie that continue to shape the future of New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

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