Build Your Own Pottery Kit

Build Your Own Pottery Kit
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04 November 2022

Even though not all tools are required, the choice here will make working with clay much simpler and improve the final appearance. In light of this, the materials required for a fundamental toolset that every beginning potter should acquire are listed below.


Towels and Apron

Having an absorbent cotton towel on hand is a great idea because working with clay may be a messy endeavor. When working with clay, a towel is perfect for rough washing the hands, and when throwing, a wide towel draped across the knees is usually always a good idea. Like the women in the image, you could also wish to put on a straightforward, practical bib apron to protect your clothing.

Potter's Needles

needles are one of the most versatile tools in pottery and are commonly used by potters to make holes in clay or other materials.

There are different types of needles, such as wooden, metal, and plastic.

Potter's needles come in three sizes which are .020 inches (0.5 mm), .025 inches (0.6 mm), and .030 inches (0.8 mm).

Cut-Off Wires

These implements are helpful for both cutting huge clay lumps and extracting thrown objects from the potter's wheel.

Felting Knives

Knives are one of the most crucial tools in a potter's arsenal.

Fettling knives are used to remove excess clay from the surface of pots.

The knife is used in a scraping motion, sometimes with a twisting or chopping motion, to remove the clay.

This process is called fettling because it removes excess material and shapes the pot.


Build Your Own Pottery Kit


Ribs and Scrapers

Ribs and scrappers are used to shape and smooth pots as they are being formed on the wheel. They are used to create a variety of textures and patterns, such as ruffles, ridges, or wavy lines.

Loop, Wire, and Ribbon Tools

The Loop Tool: The loop tool is used to make loops. It is a thin wire with a handle at one end and a loop at the other.

The Ribbon Tool: The ribbon tool is used to make ribbons, coils, and spirals. It is a long wire with loops on either side of the handle.

The Wire Tool: The wire tool is used to make wires, spirals, and coils. It has a handle that ends in two loops that can be twisted together or apart to produce different shapes.


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