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23 November 2023

For more specifics, check out our guide to building the ultimate bug out bag for more on contents. Harsher desert environments should put a heavier emphasis on water and hydration. If prepping a bag for earthquakes, focus on first aid and possibly digging supplies for sifting through rubble. It’s important to consider the scenarios you might use a bug out bag and to choose accordingly. While the type of bag might seem trivial, not all packs are created equal.

Some are packed with better items than others—although I firmly believe any survival or first aid kit can always be improved. Other times it may call for an entirely different water filtration system. The key is to inspect the contents of the bag ahead of time to determine what to keep in it, and what to replace with something better.

Be sure to include hygiene items like travel-sized toothpaste, toothbrushes, wet wipes, and hand sanitizers in your family bug out bags. If you have female family members, don't forget to pack menstrual hygiene products as well. Another crucial aspect to consider is the importance of rotating the food and water in your bug out bags for families. Just like the clothes you pack for your growing children, food and water have expiration dates. Regularly check the expiration dates and replace items as necessary to  ensure your family will have fresh and nutritious sustenance if a disaster strikes.

In truth, a bug out bag will be most useful for real world disasters. Wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, best bugout bags tornadoes, and floods are just a few of the scenarios where a pack full of supplies might just save your life one day. Keeping that in mind, we tested several bags to evaluate their effectiveness as just such a kit. Whether you plan to build your own from scratch or want something pre-made, we tested some of the best bug out bags available to find what will be most useful in any emergency. A bug out bag is often thought of as something only hardcore preppers and survivalists would put together in case the world ends.

At the same time, the different sections open individually allowing easy access to what you’re looking for without having to unpack the whole bag. If your area is prone to floods or hurricanes, you’ll want a bag that’s resistant to the weather. Matador gave this pack a serious polyurethane coating, and a dwr water-repellent coating to help shed away moisture. The company also utilized high-quality ykk zippers to help seal out water and snow. Matador further reinforced the zipper areas with 210-denier nylon for extra strength. This bag is great for protecting spare clothing and sensitive electronics such as a satellite phone or gps unit.

Grab yourself your own bag from the great selection that we, uppercut tactical, have to offer. Learn how to prevent and treat blisters and prepare you emergency go bag with the right shoes and socks.

An enormous flashlight takes up valuable real estate but emits a weak beam. A weather radio roughly the size of a pack of trident gum was capable of picking up a weather-band signal in the catskills only if we remained extremely still and pointed the antenna 32 degrees northeast. And the contents of the first aid kit spilled out everywhere the first time we unzipped it because the case consisted of only two very loose mesh pockets on either side of the interior. The same flimsy webbing, without a hint of elastic to hold items in place, is also inexplicably used on a couple of the bag’s outside pockets. The $590 seventy2 pro survival system does have some good qualities (and uncharted also has a version for just one person, the seventy2 survival system, for $400). In addition to water, flashlights, food, and everything else, your ready bag needs to contain an extra set of clothes, plus extra socks.

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