Best Web 3.0 Ideas For B2B Marketers For 2023

Best Web 3.0 Ideas For B2B Marketers For 2023
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08 December 2023

The upcoming advancements in Web 3.0 will go beyond cryptocurrencies. With a wide range of applications and global integration, Web3 connects almost all processes, from buying products and services on the Internet to manufacturing chains and space technology.

Those who board this fast train get the greatest advantages and benefits. This article describes 15 of the most promising business ideas for B2B marketers. Join us on a journey through the decentralized landscape of education, brought to you by Ninja Web3.

What is meant by Web 3.0, and what makes it different?

Web 3.0, also known as web3, runs on a decentralized platform and processes data in a human-like intelligent way. Web 3.0 relies on technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. The semantic web and blockchain use these to help provide more transparency and a faster and more personalized user experience.

It was originally called the Semantic Web by Tim Berners-Lee the World Wide Web inventor. It is smarter, more open and more independent than its predecessor. Right now, the main goal that Web 3.0 pursues is to give control over data back to the user.

Users will be able to participate in governance over these platforms. For example, you can sell your data to web advertisers while maintaining ownership and privacy of the data.

Tip 15 ideas for B2B marketers:

As we know Web 3.0 concepts and advantages, we can look at some good business ideas related to the decentralized Internet, blockchain, and other elements of Web3.

NFT music platform:

The music platform is the first thing that comes to mind regarding promising Web3 ideas. You can imagine an application where each song is an NFT while each album is an NFT collection.

You can also buy and listen to these NFTs or rent, sell or gift them. It's better than Apple Music or Google Play Music, with limited opportunities and a single service. 

In addition, the Web3 Music Platform also:

  • They allow musicians to monetize their art without intermediaries such as record labels and producers contributing to their revenue. Musicians add their music to the platform and earn from sales and streaming.
  • It gives more rights to listeners. To listen to music legally requires paying a subscription or purchasing a specific song, not only that Subscriptions or purchased songs are tied to specific platforms. 
  • It is allowed to link concert tickets, autographs (digital or paper), VIP stage tickets, etc., to the NFT of the song or album. These options can be linked to all NFTs simultaneously like the first 100 NFTs sold or randomly distributed.

Marketplace for NFT video games:

Developers and experts discuss the exciting opportunities that NFTs can bring to video games. It would be great to use an NFT that would function as a sword in World of Warcraft and a shotgun in Fortnite, but so far, no one has implemented this concept, and it doesn't appear to be happening in the near future. It is more profitable to sell one NFT linked to a single game than one NFT for multiple games.

This is bad news for players but not you because you can open a P2P platform where players can exchange NFT from one game to NFT from another. Moreover, using a relatively simple version of such a trading platform is possible - a regular bulletin board.

Decentralized social network:

Social networks are great because they help us interact with others, share our feelings, and monetize content. Still, these platforms collect personal data from full names, birth dates, relatives, locations, and searches.

Moreover, social networks manage our data according to our needs without asking us. Therefore, data storage security is not too exciting. We are accustomed to constant data leaks.

The Web3 social network will not have these drawbacks. It is safe and collects your information only with your consent. You will also have rights to all content you create.

Decentralized Social Trading:

Social trading is when experienced traders trade the market, cryptocurrency or forex, while other traders will automatically re-trade. Trades are often copied through centralized platforms. However, this represents a small percentage of each transaction Regardless of success or trader losing their investment.

The problem with these platforms lies in their proximity and bad reputation. Numerous examples on the internet show how platforms manipulate market data to steal users' money through fees. Often they won't even trade in the market. Instead, they will imitate to steal traders' money. 

Users cannot verify the platform's transparency as all operations and codes are confidential.

Blockchain will solve these problems. The open-source code allows traders to see how the platform works. 

At the same time, smart contracts guarantee the safety and transparency of copy trading because the information on the blockchain cannot be changed. There will be relevant information about the traders' performance in presenting their strategies.

Decentralized Electoral Platform:

Another field that will benefit from Web3 tools, such as anonymity, security, and transparency, is online elections. This could be either voting for the president of France or voting for the weekly menu at school. Blockchain will work well for both. Entrusting such platforms' development to a highly qualified team of programmers is essential.

Postponed execution platform:

Another way to use blockchain is to create websites or applications for pending actions on the Internet, for example, sending emails to a specific address after a certain date—broadcasting videos on YouTube or calling the police automatically and unmuting. 

This service can help announce meetings, release important news etc. There are similar platforms but centralized, so you can't depend on them. Blockchain and smart contracts will fix it.

Decentralized lottery:

Many people do not trust lotteries and giveaways on the Internet. People can't check the lottery mechanism. Therefore, they avoid it even if the lottery gives books or concert tickets to the audience of bloggers. Web3 lottery on open-source code and blockchain technology will not have this problem so that everyone can check the work. So trust the mechanism.

The only possible problem is developing an algorithm that will give you random numbers, symbols, letters or words. The point is that these lotteries (And other random systems) tend to show non-random results. 

They give random numbers based on Gauss or some other system. No one has yet been able to solve it. However, problems can be fooled by random data from the real world.

P2P service sharing:

You may have used Airbnb or heard of a platform that lets you borrow or rent apartments worldwide. It is very convenient and useful. But there are many disadvantages, including high fees, lack of transparency and low safety. This is a common problem for all centralized systems. Only decentralization can solve the problem.

In the world of Web3, these platforms will run on the blockchain. This makes it much safer and more cost-effective. It only concerns Airbnb and its analogues. All of the services can be implemented on the blockchain. These will be more transparent, secure and cheaper and will only work faster.

DAO as a Service:

A DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization) is a digital organization, company, or group of people with a common aim. In this case, the whole issue. With the help of cryptocurrency tokens, the organization will decide by voting. The smart contract organizes and executes such votes and calculates the results. They are making voting in the DAO anonymous, transparent, and honest.

There are now many decentralized autonomous organizations. Still, no platform has made it easy to deploy your DAO specifically, be it a PTA or an investment fund. However, if you build such a platform, it might become a trend.

NFT game:

The last type of Web 3 project likely to be successful is NFT video games. Indeed, there are many NFT games, but the market needs more. As almost all NFT games today are boring and have poor graphics. So no one is excited to play these games. 

The only point in the play is to create NFTs and sell them for real money. If you make awesome NFT games like Call of Duty, League of Legends, or at least RimWorld, Hotline Miami, or Braid, you will make a lot of money and even more so if it's a mobile game.

Invest in search engine marketing and optimization

SEO and SEM are different ball games. But, one game you can't refuse to play if you want to tap into the essence of digital marketing – and win too! This ball game uses all the keywords that help your business appear at the top of the search results. 

Effective SEO/SEM strategies will optimize these magic words and phrases and link them to your product. This will increase the chances that people will be found first on the endless web of information.

Keep in mind that without SEO and keyword optimization, your website may sink into the dark ocean known as the Internet. This three-step process drives your business goals from search engine results to web pages. There's a good chance you will convert that lead.

Email marketing isn't just obvious. There is a complete email marketing strategy that you need to keep in mind to ensure that your customers don't put your email campaigns on spam lists. Also, remember to increase your sales via email. 

You need to understand the specific needs of your business goals and develop personalized content catering to them. This insight will come from studying their patterns and habits on your website, social media, etc. Consider building an email list to write unique content that covers each topic about them. Having a strong call-to-action (CTA) can turn leads into sales.

Announcement of contests and giveaways:

It doesn't have to be festive to announce contests and giveaways. People love to participate whenever they win attractive prizes. Products or services that are discounted or free. It also helps in promoting the business. Please keep in mind that for such campaigns to work, they must be engaging and healthy at that point. Adding customers is like a piece of cake.

Nothing engages viewers better than videos. You can take digital marketing to the next level by incorporating videos on your website, creating reels on Instagram, and creating a YouTube channel or video ad. 

One of the most valuable forms of content is Video drives traffic, increases engagement, and increases sales simultaneously. Every video is an opportunity. Be sure to tell a compelling story through each video.

Create a Google Business Page:

You know your customers swear by Google, so don't miss out on Google My Business. A free business listing helps you show your business on Google Maps and rank high in Google's search engine. In addition, it collects information like business hours, address and phone and displays it under your business along with Google reviews which you can ask customers to use during their spare time.

Remember, Google reviews are also important for SEO, making Google Business Pages a must-have to build credibility and find many potential customers. If you run a home business and do digital marketing, you can Try one of the many affiliate programs. Most of them are free to join and do not require you to stock up on products other than what is already there.

Remember, affiliate marketing comes with passive income opportunities depending on your referrals and marketing methods, but it allows you to work from anywhere at any time.

Web 3.0 offers interaction in real-time, promotes your products, and influences and inspires your followers to become customers. A lot can happen via live chat on Facebook or Instagram because this participation is live. So remember to keep it alive and true to the value of your business.

Set up a WhatsApp Business account:

The social messaging app is popular among all age groups. Most people use it to avoid emails and phone calls. With a WhatsApp Business account, small businesses now have the quickest way to convert leads into sales. As a result, it makes the shopping experience easier. 

This option allows customers to place purchases directly on WhatsApp and interact with real people. But remember to keep this interaction professional but personal and trustworthy.

Don't forget to write online press releases to get your business officially recognized in newspapers, blogs, and other electronic media sources. This builds credibility and ultimately increases sales. 

Well campaigned online events are a great way to strengthen customer relationships, build new relationships and grow your business. So don't forget to send invitations and reminders. And don't forget to promote the event across all platforms to ensure many attendees.

Build a modern interactive website:

A business website is the head office on the World Wide Web. If it's not easy to find, you will lose customers. Or, if there is no organization, you will lose customers. If not interesting, you will lose customers. If not suitable for mobile, you will lose customers. And, if it doesn't talk, then forget about the customer who talks to you. 

Your website is also where your customers click one of the paid ad campaigns you start on social media. That proves how important your website is to your entire digital marketing strategy and, ultimately, to sales, so design it like you design your home. 

Make it a direct home to your customer's needs. For example, add mapping software to understand the behavior of your website visitors. The software is then developed to provide a better user experience. You can also add chatbots to make navigation easier.

Remember, your business website needs to be iterated over time to meet diverse needs and trends. Hire an expert for the best results. Blogging is not new. But it plays an important role in today's online marketing game, making blogging the quintessential tactic.

From stories about your business to product tips, your blog shares a lot of information with your visitors, which they find valuable on many levels. This creates a deeper connection than you can imagine, which converts this visitor into a customer, leading to sales.

Remember that blog maintenance is also your excuse to keep visitors returning for more of what they might find elsewhere. So if your blog must be an easy-to-understand infographic and generally interesting piece, try to keep it that way.


Although the Web 2.0 wave is still in effect, we cannot ignore all the new opportunities that Web 3.0 promises to bring us. But they can also contribute to and control the content produced on the web. 

The next-generation Internet will provide users with a more personal and customized user experience through intelligent algorithms, which become your human-like search assistant. As a result, you no longer need to spend hours searching for flights, accommodations, etc. 

An intelligent algorithm or bot can collect all this information and make recommendations tailored to your needs. Web 3 is the path to the bright future of the Internet, which general users instead of large corporations will control. It is also a way to make huge profits and occupy new markets. 

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