Best moissanite look for all the time, in India

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28 February 2023

If you're looking for something more reasonably priced, a moissanite ring is a fantastic alternative to diamond rings. The price difference between it and diamond is the only distinction. When compared to diamonds , moissanite jewellery is considerably less expensive. 

What do you mean by Mossainaite?

A naturally occurring mineral called silicon carbide, known as moissanite, is only occasionally encountered on earth. Even though it does occur in nature, it is so extremely uncommon that it needs to be manufactured in a laboratory in order to produce chunks big enough to be turned into gemstones. One of the most brilliant gems in the world when it is cut and faceted.


Moissanite Jewellery in India!

Jewellery is a great way to enhance your entire look, and if it's reasonably priced, that's just the cherry on top, right? In India, moissanite rings are less expensive than they are on the global market. The Indian government has increased taxes to encourage more balanced trade with other countries. As a result, the cost of imported jewellery has gone up in comparison to silver gold-plated jewellery, including moissanite rings, which are popular among Indians. But the manufacturing of these lab-made products is likewise making gradual development in India.

Men or women both have a peculiar obsession with moissanite rings. The Ruuh studio is a great place to check them out. It is incredibly durable and has the same hardness as a diamond. Those who wish to purchase affordable, high-quality jewellery might consider Moissanites.

Is it good to buy Moissanite rings online?

 An extensive selection of 925 silver jewellery and moissanite rings are available at Ruuh Studio, a reputable jewellery retailer in India. Get the ideal piece for you by selecting from our collection of jewellery and rings.

Buying online moissanite jewellery has several benefits, including the ability to compare prices and view the many diamond rings. The Indian Diamond Exchange provides a variety of possibilities for online Moissanite ring purchases. A range of rings in various carat sizes and pricing ranges are available. Customers can browse the collection on an easy-to-use website and purchase the ring they want.


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