Best Agents to Use in VALORANT's New Sunset Map

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06 September 2023

Best Agents to Use in VALORANT's New Sunset Map

VALORANT’s new Sunset map has just dropped and we’re preparing for an intense and gruelling new location to play on. It seems that this time around, the map is focused on mid-point control. This means that players would have to utilise agents that can take control of the mid-point of the map in order to secure their chances at victory.

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Best Agents to Use in VALORANT's New Sunset Map

This map is a great one for Sentinel players, as you’ll come to find out. This is because they can typically hold down a site on their own while their teammates hold down other sides of the site. When it comes to Cypher, his ability to gather information really sets him aside. 

His Trip Wires and Spycam allow him to check multiple points on the map without physically being there. Additionally, he can also notify his team members of live enemy locations. In a map like Sunset with various entry points and buildings, this proves to be highly useful.


Best Agents to Use in VALORANT's New Sunset Map

If you’re looking at Initiators, Skye is a great choice. Her flashes allow her to give constant information about enemy locations and her powerful Trailblazers could clear your path. Skye’s Seekers can reveal remaining enemy locations and she also has abilities to heal her teammates. 

As such, knowing the positions of your enemies can allow you to plan your next move with your team. You can either choose to ambush them and defeat them or simply avoid them as best you can. All in all, Skye is an all-rounder that would prove to be useful on Sunset and most maps. 


Best Agents to Use in VALORANT's New Sunset Map

Similar to Cypher, Killjoy’s abilities make it difficult for other players to take control of the map, especially when utilised properly with the right team. Her Turret allows her to cover a huge area and her Nanoswarm grenades can deny entry to enemies. This also applies to bomb plants.

It goes without saying that Killjoy’s defence is top-tier, which is why she is beloved in competitions. She has Alarmbots that will alert her when an enemy has entered a site, and her Ultimate is one of the best in the game. Her Ultimate allows her to retain or retake a site with ease. In tight scenarios, Killjoy shines.


Best Agents to Use in VALORANT's New Sunset Map

This Controller can be used on offence or defence on the map, depending on your preferred playstyle and strategies. Astra can use her smoke on any point of the map, blocking enemy view. Plus, her Ultimate allows her to block multiple lanes at once and keep everything dead silent, so enemies will not be able to see or hear you coming.

In terms of Sunset’s tight corners, Astra can disorient her enemies with Nebula Pulse. For enemy strategies that involve rushing a site or info gathering from afar, she can easily smoke them and use Gravity Well. As such, they will be pulled into the centre of a well, away from your team, effectively disrupting your enemies’ plans.


Best Agents to Use in VALORANT's New Sunset Map

For this Sunset map, Chamber’s teleportation abilities could have some time to shine. Especially as Jett’s nerf takes place in this new update, Chamber is a great Operator to go for. His teleportation will allow him to get away from enemies quicker or to teleport onto containers to have a better angle at defeating enemies.

Furthermore, his kit is filled with weapons that will deal decent damage to enemies. His basic ability Trademark even allows him to set traps, which is great for hidden corners and catching enemies off guard.


Best Agents to Use in VALORANT's New Sunset Map

An agent similar to Skye in terms of being able to heal and hold her own site. However, Sage is an infinitely better healer than Skye and a largely indestructible Barrier Orb Wall. We say this because her orb wall has a huge HP of 800, making it hard to destroy and often not worth the effort.

She can block off an area or site with the wall, securing the area effectively. Additionally, her Ultimate allows her to revive fallen teammates which is a given advantage in a game where death means defeat. Lastly, her Slow Orbs are great for causing chaos and damage amongst enemies. Sage is great on any map, really.


Best Agents to Use in VALORANT's New Sunset Map

Truthfully, Viper is best utilised post-plant as her Snake Bite and Toxic Screen can effectively damage enemies and protect sites. You can block them or entrap them with the Toxic Screen, which is highly effective on Sunset as the area is rather small. This allows her smoke and screens to take up a large amount of space, covering the whole area.

Even in tight situations, Viper could use her Ultimate to take care of enemies surrounding her and make a swift getaway. As such, her abilities make it so much easier for your team to gain control of the mid-point and ultimately victory. 


Best Agents to Use in VALORANT's New Sunset Map

As Sunset has a lot of angles you can use to your advantage, Raze’s utility-based kit is a great option to clear them out. Her Blast Pack and Paint Shells can easily damage hard-to-reach angles and corners, ensuring enemies are well-cleared out.

Her Ultimate - Showstopper can deal massive damage to an area, effectively clearing it of enemies and protecting it. When paired with the Boom Bot that chases enemies and inflicts heavy damage on them, you can rest assured that your site will remain protected for a while.

And that’s all the best agents to use in VALORANT’s new Sunset map! May this be some useful if not basic information that will help you achieve victory and rank up. Good luck!

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