Benefits Of Using Lavender Essential Oil

Benefits Of Using Lavender Essential Oil
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We all are aware that today’s generation is very much aware of all these things. Social media is not only used by adults but children too. Everyone is aware of essential oils. Essential oils have huge hype on social media. Taking care of health is everyone’s priority. Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular essential oil. 

Lavender essential oil is a multipurpose oil. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. 

The changing trends in the cosmetic industry have led to a rapid increase in the demand for essential oil in the market. The taste and preferences of people keep on changing with the changing trends. Earlier cosmetic products were mostly used by people to look good. But nowadays people are very much conscious and aware of certain chemicals that are proven harmful to the skin. So, essential oils are good for healthy skin and body as they are extracted from plants. 

There are various benefits of using lavender essential oil. This oil can be applied to the skin, inhaled, or taken orally. This oil is beneficial for the skin in numerous ways. 

So, in this article, we will be discussing the uses and benefits of lavender essential oil. 

 Uses Of Lavender Essential Oil:

One of the most important things that one must take into consideration is the purpose for which you're using this oil. Essential oils must be avoided by pregnant ladies.  This oil can be used in three ways

  1. Inhale:

One can directly inhale the essential oil. 

  1. Mix With Carrier Oil:

One must always mix the essential oil with a carrier oil because essential oils are very strong. If applying on a wounded area or damaged part, one must apply it with the help of a cotton ball. 

  1. Diffuse:

Essential oils can be diffused into the room. It helps to reduce stress and is considered good for your mental health. 

Benefits Of Using Lavender Essential Oil:

The lavender essential oils can benefit the skin in numerous ways. This oil has the ability to lighten the skin and reduce wrinkles. Let us know the benefits of this oil in detail. 

  1. Heals Acne:

This oil is one of the best oil to heal acne breakouts. It helps to unclog the pores when applied to the skin. As it has antiseptic properties it works to kill the bacteria. To remove stubborn pimples one must mix a few drops of lavender oil with argan oil and apply it on the pimple twice a day. 

  1. Reduces Hyperpigmentation:

This oil is widely demanded by both young males and females. We know that young people are very much conscious about their skin and look. They always want to look good and fresh. Lavender essential oil helps to reduce discoloration and dark spots. This oil helps to reduce hyperpigmentation. 

  1. Reduce Wrinkles:

This oil is full of antioxidants. It works wonder to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. To use this oil for wrinkles, use a few drops of essential oil with coconut oil. This mixture can be used in place of moisturizer once or twice a day. This will bring a lot of changes to your skin and will help you look younger. 

  1. Wound Healing Properties:

This oil can also be used on wounds, cuts, or burns. This oil helps to speed up the wound healing process. You can mix it with any type of carrier oil and apply it to the wound. 

  1. Hair Loss:

This oil helps to treat hair fall problems. Applying this oil for 4 weeks will promote hair growth. 

  1. Fungal Infections:

Studies have shown that this oil contains anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties. This oil helps to treat extreme dryness on the skin and treat issues like eczema. 

  1. Cures Insomnia:

Studies have proven that diffusing a few drops of lavender essential oil in your room helps you to have a sound sleep. People who suffer from insomnia must use this oil. This oil helps to soothe your nervous system. Thus, improving the quality of sleep. 

  1. Menstrual Cramps:

We all know that women suffer from pain every month. Medicines are not good to treat menstrual cramps. Lavender oil is a boon to women as applying a few drops of oil near your stomach and back will help you to reduce menstrual cramps. 

Thus, it is clear from the above article that lavender oil is a boon to the people. It has so many benefits. It is extremely versatile in nature and can be used in numerous ways. The lavender essential oils comes in various brands like pure chief lavender oil, alps goodness pure essential lavender oil, and good vibes pure lavender essential oil. If you experience any sort of redness or infection after using this oil you must always speak to the doctor. This oil can be applied to your face, skin, legs, and hands.


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