Avoiding 5 Common Issues with Heavy-Duty Truck Brakes

Avoiding 5 Common Issues with Heavy-Duty Truck Brakes
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The braking system of a heavy-duty truck is crucial, given the substantial weight it needs to stop once in motion. Unlike hydraulic systems, heavy-duty trucks and trailers utilize an air-based braking system, eliminating concerns about fluid depletion or significant issues arising from fluid leaks.

Ensuring the proper functioning of the braking system is essential for road safety. Recognizing potential brake problems and seeking assistance from a reliable heavy-duty truck repair shop is imperative. Here are five indicators that your heavy-duty truck's brakes may be failing and require immediate attention:

  1. High-Pitched Squealing: A persistent, high-pitched squeal that stops when applying the brakes may indicate worn brake pads. This sound is often produced by brake pad wear indicators, signaling the need for replacement, typically recommended every 50,000 miles.

  2. Grinding Sound During Brake Application: The presence of a grinding sound when applying brakes could result from debris like gravel or stones caught in the caliper unit. Addressing this promptly is crucial to prevent more extensive damage, potentially saving on more costly repairs.

  3. Vibrations: Vibrations during normal braking may suggest warped rotors, a condition that can develop over time or when carrying heavy loads. Identifying and addressing warped rotors promptly can help maintain the overall health of the braking system.

  4. Pulling: When braking, a vehicle should maintain a straight path. If your heavy-duty truck pulls to the left or right, it may indicate uneven brake pad wear, issues with an air brake line, or potential problems with wheel alignment. Timely attention is necessary to prevent further complications.

  5. Soft Braking: If the brake pedal easily sinks to the floor upon application, it could be a sign of air or moisture in the braking system or worn-out brake pads. Prompt investigation and necessary repairs are crucial for maintaining effective braking performance.

Conclusion: Being vigilant about these warning signs and addressing them promptly with the expertise of a heavy-duty truck repair shop can significantly enhance road safety and extend the life of your truck's braking system. To learn more, click here!

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