Astrological Benefits of Agate

Astrological Benefits of Agate
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We have discussed a lot about agate. Now, let us move to the astrological benefits of agate gemstones. In astrology, agate is commonly used as a fortune teller stone. It is said that the wearer of agate jewelry gets charged with positive energy or chi and grounds back to earth. Legends say that Persian magicians could divert storms using agate jewelry. Here are some of the astrological benefits of agate jewelry. Each specimen of agate contains multiple layers of materials which can be thick, flat, bright, thin, opaque, translucent, or curved, thus creating an array of unique gems. You must be thinking, where does the agate get its color from? The answer is, that each agate stone gets its color through interacting with trace minerals such as chromium, manganese, iron, nickel, and titanium. Polishing an agate is the best method for showcasing the colors and patterns within an agate.

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