Are Dental Implants Suitable For Teenagers?

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Well, if you some missing teeth in the mouth of your teenagers you might wonder if you can take up dental implants for your teen. Nevertheless, you must know if dental implants in Watertown are good for them.

We know how difficult it is to lose your tooth. It is not only painful but can involve multiple appointments with a dentist to rectify things. It is also important to not let your missing tooth or teeth linger for a very long time without being replaced. Dental implants in Watertown are good, but that doesn’t qualify them to be good for everyone. Check with your dentist if you can take up dental implants.

For teenagers, the options to replace or fix a missing tooth are limited than the options for adult patients. The primary reason for the limitation is that the jaws and faces are still developing and dental implants could impact that development. So, what does a teenager or the parent do to fix this kind of a dental problem before it worsens? Let us start by looking at dental implants – what are they and what makes them so effective?

Dental Implants

Dental implants are modern alternative to dental bridges and dentures. They can easily replace the missing teeth by supporting the artificial ones. Most of them are made of metal, mostly titanium, and they are inserted into the jaw to serve in the same capacity as a root. Once the implants are set in the gums, artificial teeth are attached to the implant, which also secures it in the same place.

Dental implants are safe and relatively easy to place for most of the patients. Someone who is good in oral health and with a strong jawbone should be a good candidate for the same. For more detailed information, you can connect with your dentist in Watertown.

The jaw growth of teenagers

The life of a teenager is a bit difficult to navigate. We need to look into physical as well as emotional factors that affect them. Missing teeth can make your teenager feel insecure and it might prevent them from being social or outgoing. If it is not treated well, they might not try out for a sport they love or audition for the play that they want to be a part of.

For young patients, dental implants are not a good option as the teenagers’ jaws and faces are still experiencing growth. Bone density also plays a key role in dental implant success and juvenile jaws need further time to strengthen.

Take your teenager to your dentist in Waltham and let him check what your teenager is going through. Once he gives you the diagnosis, it will be easier to keep things in place.

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