All That Parents Need To Know About Shark Teeth

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Shark teeth is a dental term and this term gets its name from the fact that sharks also have 5 to 15 rows of teeth in each jaw. The teeth of the shark do not have any roots and they fell off, are replaced after a week.

So, what exactly is shark teeth in children? Shark teeth is a condition in children where the adult teeth develop behind their baby teeth. Your kids dentist in Allen will definitely help you understand more about it. This condition creates a double row of teeth.

This condition occurs when there is either a failure of resorption of the primary teeth or failure of eruption of adult teeth or it can be both sometimes. Either of this condition makes the baby teeth rigid and they do not exfoliate when they ideally should. This will create a multiple row of the teeth, which is called shark teeth.

Shark teeth are common in the lower incisors, but they can also occur in the upper incisors while the molars are being developed. This condition will occur at the age of 6. Nonetheless, this condition can also occur after the age of 11-12 years, when the upper molars erect.

In most of the cases, the shark teeth need not be treated. Because when the adult teeth erupt, the baby teeth will automatically lose their grip and fall out on their own. The real issue is not the presence of shark teeth, it is to see and observe how much the permanent teeth are deflected from their actual position.

If the teeth are deflected too much, only an orthodontist can help you treat them and bring them back in shape. It is important that you stay in touch with Kids Dentist in Allen and seek the right advice.

The dentist will keep an overview of your child’s dental eruptions and assess the condition of the teeth and the jawbones. The dentist will help you improve your child’s bite and make him smile with confident.

Baby teeth are strong and if they interfere in the development of the permanent teeth, it needs to be taken care of. If the baby teeth do not fall off even after the permanent teeth are settled, you need to talk to your kids dentist in Allen.

You should be always careful about what is happening in the jawline of your baby. Be cautious and mark every development. The moment you find anything weird and uncommon, you should reach out to an expert for a solution. If you need help, we can also help you. Our Kids Dentist in Allen is on toes to help you. Call us now.

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