All About Custom Printed Metalized Boxes

All About Custom Printed Metalized Boxes
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14 November 2023

All About Custom Printed Metalized Boxes

One modern packaging method is to wrap packaging boxes with metalized films. This coating provides your package with a reflective gold or silvery surface while shielding the underlying substrate material.

 It is comparable to wrapping present boxes with aluminium foil. These metalized films, however, are capable of high-end printing effects and finishing touches. Printers and graphic designers can make metalized boxes seem better, regardless of their size or shape.

All About Custom Printed Metalized Boxes
Coating on metalized boxes

Weather and moisture resistance are features of the coating on metalized boxes. This function raises the value of the goods within the box and enhances its longevity.

Packaging with glittering Silver and Gold effect

Pasting metalized foils onto cardboard and corrugated material is simple. Printers use artistic characteristics to create unique and eye-catching metalized packaging from substrate materials.

Metalized boxes seem better thanks to printing improvements, but their designs are based on personal tastes. Even though these metalized boxes typically come in two color variations—silver and gold—customization possibilities are available. Foil boxes in gold and silver exude elegance and richness.

More so, the excellent finish is outstanding when these foil boxes have been carefully detailed. Window cut-out patterns, die-cut patterns, and embossed reliefs can enhance the designs of metalized boxes. Customers may easily fold the interior compartments of the box and peek through it thanks to certain printing techniques. Packaging and printing professionals typically design unique, personalized metalized boxes to fit their products.

The foils in gold and silver have a silky texture to the touch and can be adorned with UV coating, lamination, and ribbons.

Attract customers

Customers want packaging boxes with eye-catching colors. Customers do, however, appreciate metalized boxes covered with gold and silver films. It gives the owners of the things within these elegantly designed boxes a sense of sophistication. By using custom-printed metalized boxes, creative designers may enhance the perceived value of branded items by taking into account the views of customers.

These shipping boxes have sharp edges and flat surfaces, yet elegant designs complete the look. A premium brand costs a lot of money for a variety of reasons, including the product itself and the printing on the box.

Printing techniques on Metallized Boxes:

We offer several choices for printing metalized packaging. Using metalized cardstock that is produced by several vendors is the first choice. It is simple to print on this material using offset, digital, or screen printing techniques. The second technique is to print the imprint directly onto the lamination sheet using the cemetery printing process. The sheet is then glued onto paper to create the illusion of metal.

The goal is to keep the package being made as beautiful and high-quality as possible, albeit the method may differ. Vendors are increasingly using metalized printing solutions generally because of the eye-catching glossy appearance of the boxes that emerge from the shelves, particularly in the cosmetics business.

Types of Metallized Packaging:

Metalized boxes may vary in different colors and designs. The most popular metalized packaging colors these days are gold and silver, but there are also bronze, copper, green, and other hues on the market. Creating something unconventional with metalized packaging introduced a new trend to the packaging business, which is currently expanding and increasing throughout the United States.

 Secret to making your packaging boxes

The new secret to making your packaging boxes stand out from the typical cardboard boxes is to use glittering gold and silver boxes. Customboxes can create gold and silver metalized boxes including your custom design and branding. Print your packing boxes with complete customization of the size, style, and artwork to match the specifications of your goods. 

To find the best option for your packing boxes, discuss your packaging needs with our team of specialists. Take advantage of our finest offers, which include minimal short runs of your personalized boxes free of setup or hidden costs. We have the fastest lead time on your custom orders to help get you the best packaging material out of your budget.

At BCB Custom Boxes we recommend using our expert design staff to create an eye-catching and innovative design as metalized are way better in customization as compared to your regular cardboard boxes. The colors are more vibrant and they are better at handling moisture as compared to cardboard boxes. As far as the changing trend of packaging metalized is the key player for the retail industry. Cost-effective and comes with lots of advantages and variant design options.

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