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21 November 2022

Whether it is to boost the visibility of your establishment or to promote your activities, the use of a poster remains essential today, even in the face of the omnipresence of technology. But a question arises: how to stick advertising posters? This is what we will see in this article! We will also give you some tips and recipes for making glue for advertising posters.

A traditional but effective glue for your advertising posters: starch glue
To perfect an effective poster campaign, the choice of glue is not random. You don't have to use just any glue! Generally, wheat starch glue is used, which is very effective according to professionals.

Starch glue is made from flour, or sticky rice, and water. In general, bitter almond oil or preservatives are added to better preserve it from mold. People have long mixed vegetable starch and water to make glue. It is used successfully by traders and craftsmen. In addition, flour glue, applied in a thin layer, is often used for paper.

The ingredients needed to make your starch glues
3 tablespoons flour or wheat starch,
A small amount of cold water,
200ml boiling water.
You can also use 500 ml of water in a double boiler, sugar or white glue to add a little thickness if the preparation is too liquid, or copper sulphate which is a preservative and a insecticidal product.
Make your own starch glue yourself
Boil the 200ml of water in a saucepan.

Mix three tablespoons of flour or wheat starch with a small amount of room temperature water. Add as much water as necessary to obtain a liquid mixture, which you can pour.

Pour this liquid into boiling water and stir with a spoon. The product will foam during boiling, hence the need to stir to prevent it from foaming too much, burning or forming lumps.

You can also use the bain-marie technique. To do this, place the pan of flour-water mixture in another pan containing 500 ml of boiling water.

If the mixture becomes too thick, add a little water.

When the result is sufficiently thick and homogeneous, remove it from the heat. This operation can take two to ten minutes. If you chose to use starch, the mixture will turn transparent when ready to use.

Let the product cool. When it reaches room temperature, it will have the consistency of a slimy jelly. The flour, as well as the starch, varies from one brand to another, so the consistency of this glue will also be different depending on the case. The important thing is that the product does not make lumps. If they ever appear, remove them by straining the paste through a fine sieve or used pantyhose.

Finally, it is essential to store the glue in a hermetically sealed box, which you will keep in the refrigerator. Left at room temperature, the glue will give off odors after two days and mold after a week. The addition of copper sulphate is thus optional.

When you use the glue, decant what is left in a container. Cover and heat the glue again to sterilize it. Pour some water on the surface before storing it in the box. The water acts as a protective cover on top of the glue, which will prevent it from molding during storage. Then discard this water before using the glue again.

If you want to save money, choosing to make your own starch glue yourself is a good option.

You can also opt for wallpaper glue, if your budget allows it of course.
This glue comes in the form of powder or flakes to be mixed with water in a container with a lid. An old paint can that has been properly cleaned will do the trick. You can also buy a pot of wallpaper glue for your very first pasting and then reuse the packaging.

Choosing a container with a lid is really essential, it will avoid accidentally spilling it. In addition, wallpaper paste dries very quickly in a thin layer, very slowly when it is in a mass in the absence of air. This will keep your glue longer.

Its preparation
First, pour water into a bucket. The amount of water will be indicated on the glue packet. You will need to use about ten liters of water for one liter of glue. Then stir with a large stick, creating a whirlpool. Gradually pour the glue into this swirl. The dosage is not done mathematically, but by touch.

It is of course the absence of lumps and the viscosity that we recognize a good glue. It is essential to prepare the glue at least half an hour before gluing so that it has time to set.

The ideal material for gluing

To stick your advertising posters, get yourself an ultra-light broom with a good brush with bristles that are neither too soft nor too hard. The ordinary kitchen brush will not be suitable, it may tear your poster wet with glue. This is also the case for straw or coconut fiber brooms.

The ideal is therefore the “T” shaped broom with ultra-soft nylon bristles, usually black, with an aluminum tube handle. A simple broom allows you to stick to the very top of the billboard without the need for extension cords or a telescopic broom, which will protect your advertising posters from vandals.

An adhesive advertising poster, very practical!
The advertising poster find the poster printing prices on our site. The adhesive is an ultra-practical support for merchants and businesses. Thanks to this system, you will no longer need to make your own homemade starch glue or buy wallpaper glue. Gluing the poster is very easy and quick, simply thanks to the adhesive available on its back. Via your online printer, you have the choice between several types of supports for your adhesive advertising posters. The most versatile is adhesive vinyl, which is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor displays. This vinyl can be applied to many supports such as cars, windows and shop windows, walls, billboards, etc. There is also micro-perforated adhesive vinyl which will be perfect for indoor and outdoor displays, especially for vehicles and shop windows. The window sticker will allow you to stick your advertising poster indoors (on a window more particularly, as its name suggests). You will also be able to apply adhesive floor posters with an anti-slip option. There is also gecko paper, which has many micro-suction cups allowing adhesion without glue.

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