Advantages Of Orthodontic Therapy

What is the first thing you observe about someone you meet for the first time? It's the way they smile. Even though orthodontic treatments like braces, retainers, and clear aligners can help you get a straighter smile, they offer advantages beyond simply making your teeth look better.

Orthodontist in Mt. Pleasant can provide a number of advantages, ranging from bettering your jaw's function to preventing tooth decay and enhancing your general oral health.

Boost flossing and brushing ease

Maintaining healthy teeth, mouths, and gums requires regular brushing and flossing. Naturally, having straighter teeth makes it easier to clean and brush them, which lowers the risk of gum disease and dental decay.

Assistance avoids dental damage

An overbite, underbite, or crossbite are examples of bite disorders that cause malocclusion, or a misalignment of the teeth, and they raise the risk of dental wear or damage. In order to address bite issues and stop excessive tooth wear, orthodontic procedures like braces and retainers might be employed.

Adjust misalignment

The term "alignment" describes the location and functionality of the jaw's temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in addition to the straightness of the teeth. Even when a patient has straight teeth, their jaw may not be properly positioned. By realigning the jaw and teeth, orthodontic therapy can increase their effectiveness and resilience against dental issues.

Straighten your teeth

Straightening crooked teeth is a primary reason why adults and teens wear clear aligners or dental braces. Improved smile appearance from straighter teeth can increase confidence and self-worth.

Improve your face's appearance

An overbite, underbite, or crossbite are examples of bite misalignments that can affect how the lips, jaw, and face look together. Orthodontics in Burlington can assist improve face asymmetry and overall facial appearance by straightening misaligned jaws.

Ensure dental symmetry

Is there a tooth that protrudes more than the others? Treatments for orthodontics may assist. In addition to straightening teeth, traditional dental braces and transparent aligners can help align teeth symmetrically, improving the smile's overall appearance.

Solve bite issues

Malocclusion can impair the function and effectiveness of your jaw. Overbite, underbite, crossbite, and open bite are common bite issues. Treatments for biting issues using orthodontics can help patients bite and chew food more easily.

Diminish tension in muscles

Two temporomandibular joints, which unite your lower jaw to the rest of your skull, allow your jaw to open and close. The surrounding muscles are readily stretched when the jaw is out of alignment, which can cause tightness, pain, and discomfort in the face. By realigning the teeth and jaws, orthodontic therapy can lessen the tension on the muscles used for speaking, chewing, and yawning.

Boost your speaking capabilities

It is your teeth, jaws, and tongue that work together to make sounds. Some types of misalignment of the mouth might result in lisping, whistling, difficulty pronouncing certain letters, or difficulty speaking clearly. The function of the jaws and teeth can be improved with orthodontic treatment, which facilitates clear speech and word pronunciation.

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