Advantages Of Invisalign for Health

Advantages Of Invisalign for Health

Not only do straight teeth look better, but they also do better for your oral health. Although most people get teeth straightening to feel better about their smiles, there are many other advantages as well. After your treatment is over, you will experience both cosmetic and health benefits when you choose Invisalign TM for teeth straightening. Invisalign in Marshfield is a revolutionary clear aligner technology that is almost undetectable, in contrast to conventional wire braces. Invisalign is hardly detectable, even up close. This implies that when Invisalign gradually straightens your teeth, you may maintain your confidence.

You can feel good about having a gorgeously straight smile thanks to Invisalign, but the advantages don't stop there. Here are a few additional health advantages of Invisalign that you might not know about.

Enhances the condition of your gums and teeth

Science has shown that having Invisalign treatment actually enhances the health of your gums and teeth. When University of Florida researchers examined patients' dental health while they were receiving Invisalign, they discovered improvements in gum pocket depth and bleeding.

Gum pockets are the little areas immediately below the gum line that are indicative of gum disease because they frequently contain bacteria that can cause infections. The infection is more serious the larger the pocket.

By shallowing gum pockets to keep teeth firmly in place with gum tissue and bone, Invisalign lessens the amount of area where germs can proliferate and lead to inflammation.

Guards against dental deterioration

An uneven bite can result from crooked teeth. This indicates that when you bite down to chew, the pressure from your top and bottom teeth is not equal, which leads to accelerated tooth deterioration. Additionally, receding gums may result from an uneven bite. By straightening your teeth and improving your bite, Invisalign shields your teeth from excessive stress.

Enhances oral hygiene

Your risk of cavities increases when your teeth are crowded because it is harder for your toothbrush to get into the nooks and crannies where germs that cause infections thrive. If your teeth are crooked, you have a higher chance of developing a tartar and plaque accumulation. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean and free of plaque for improved dental health.

Enhances general health

The same bacteria that irritate your gums have the ability to spread throughout your bloodstream and cause issues elsewhere. Heart disease and stroke are only two of the health issues that gum disease has been connected to. Your general health benefits from improving your oral health.

Invisalign teeth straightening

Orthodontist in Scituate go over your treatment plan and expected results with you during your initial consultation. He does a thorough dental examination that identifies any more problems you should have fixed.

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