Advantage of using Invisalign over conventional metal braces

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Braces can be a scary thing. There's all that metal, the discomfort, and the unappealing shining smile. But just because you're terrified of getting braces doesn't mean you should put off straightening your teeth.

You might be a candidate for Invisalign, an aligner that can be used to straighten your teeth instead of conventional metal braces.

Over the time, braces are intended to shift teeth into their appropriate positions. experts use painful materials to do this.

However, Invisalign in Apex is distinct. It moves teeth continuously using a highly elastic material. The materials used in Invisalign, as opposed to those in conventional braces, provide you more control over how your teeth move.

The outcome? Without the discomfort associated with conventional Orthodontist in Cary treatment, you achieve a straight smile.

It Simplifies Oral Hygiene

You probably know that maintaining good dental hygiene can be challenging if your teeth are out of alignment or crooked.

Oral hygiene gets considerably more difficult if braces are added, complete with several wires and brackets. Even worse, neglecting oral care can result in stains, discoloration, and cavities that you might not notice until after your braces have been taken off.

But Invisalign aligners can be taken off. You can therefore easily floss and brush as usual as a result. Additionally, unlike with conventional braces, no special tools are required to remove food that gets stuck between brackets. Additionally, there's no need to brush your mouth at odd angles in order to reach all the different places.

You Can Continue Eating Your Favorite Foods.

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional braces is that you have to avoid eating sticky foods like apples, corncobs, and pretty much anything else for the duration of your orthodontic treatment.

You don't have to restrict yourself of these mouthwatering delicacies if you use Invisalign.

So it won't be a problem if you want to munch on some movie popcorn on your next date night. Simply take out your aligners and put them in your case of protection. After that, remember to wash your teeth before re-applying the Invisalign aligners.

It appear better

Perhaps the main factor in patients choosing Invisalign over conventional metal braces is this. The sight of metal in children's mouths may not worry them at all. In fact, if kids have friends who are braces-wearers, they might be eager to undergo the treatment alongside them.

Adults, on the other hand, typically don't like the preteen look that traditional braces give off. Fortunately, because Invisalign's aligners are so transparent, most people won't even notice them. This is significant, especially for adults who spend their days interacting with others, such as those who work in sales, customer service, or boardrooms.

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