Acknowledging the Role of Witnesses in Name Change Acts

Acknowledging the Role of Witnesses in Name Change Acts
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27 November 2023

A name change is a significant legal process that requires meticulous attention to detail and extreme caution. Whether an adult changes their name through a deed poll or parents change their child's name through a child change of name deed, the witness is an essential part of any name change process.

Who Can See the Act of Changing Their Name?

A deed poll, often known as a change of name deed, is the legal document that attests to the name change. In this case, the witness is essential to the legitimacy of the procedure. The necessary eyewitness is:

more than eighteen years old.

unrelated to the person changing their name.

a national of the country where the deed poll is being conducted.

ability to understand the purpose and nature of the document they are looking at.

    A friend, neighbor, or coworker could be the witness. They have to be willing to follow through on the name change and be able to confirm the identification of the individual changing their name.

Who Can See a Child's Name Change Act Take Place?

When it comes to changing a child's name, the process is a little different. A name change normally requires the consent of both parents, and the witness serves a similar purpose in confirming the process. The qualifications for the witness are the same as those for an adult deed poll. But they also need to be able to vouch for the fact that the child's parents or legal guardians are doing what's best for them and that they understand the consequences of changing the child's name.

The Witnessing of a name change primary responsibility is to confirm the identity of the person changing their name and obtain their consent before doing so. They do this by signing the deed poll or child's name change. By signing, they attest that they witnessed the person swear that they would only use their new name coming forward and that they would no longer use their old one.


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