About Divinity Clergy Wear’s COGIC Class A Vestments

About Divinity Clergy Wear’s COGIC Class A Vestments
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Here is some very important news: Divinity Clergy Wear, in collaboration with The General Council of Pastors and Elders (GCPE) and the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) has created a new, high-quality, affordable set of COGIC Class A Vestments.

This partnership with Divinity Clergy Wear, a provider of Class A vestments, was highly approved by the presiding bishop, Charles Edward Blake.

The goal of this partnership was to create a set of COGIC Class A vestments that delivered uniformity, affordability, and of course, a high level of quality.

This release makes these vestments available at an attractive price point to every pastor and elder in the Church of God in Christ.

Divinity Clergy Wear offers a one-stop-shop for all interested in acquiring these vestments and delivers them at a reasonable price.

What Comes with These COGIC Class A Vestments?

These Class A vestments come with several high-quality components.

The set comes with a black Anglican cassock and a matching cincture, as well as a white surplice with traditional clerical lace.

They also come with a black tippet as well as a silver 2”x3” cross and a black 36” cord.

These Class A vestment sets were originally selling for north of $400, but if you visit Divinity Clergy Wear’s website now (DivinityClergyWear.com) you can find them at a substantially reduced price - $329.95 at the time of this publication.

Although Divinity Clergy Wear offers these as a set, you can also purchase some of the components piecemeal from their website.

Whom Does It Benefit?

The best part of these COGIC Class A vestments is that proceeds that come from their sales will help support COGIC’s and GCPE’s pastors’ retreat and recovery center.

This service helps support pastors and elders at vulnerable times in their lives. This is a welcome development because although church leaders occupy a position of authority, it is important to remember that they, too, are men, and subject to the same weaknesses as we are all.

All members of the ministry have at some point or other, either in their personal or professional lives, experienced some sort of isolation or need - and all can benefit from the uplifting help of the community.

In addition to benefiting this pastors’ retreat and recovery center, part of the proceeds of these sales will also benefit COGIC nationwide.

Where Can You Learn More About These COGIC Class A Vestments?

If you’re interested in learning more about these COGIC Class A vestments, visit Divinity Clergy Wear online via the link featured above.

There, you can take a look at these and other sets, and get familiar with some of their other clerical garments.

Divinity Clergy Wear also sells a wide range of other clerical robes and sets, bishop and apostle vestment sets, clergy shirts, collars, and preaching jackets.

They also sell a wide range of other clerical accessories, including but not limited to rabats, gloves, stoles, and tippets.

On top of these clerical accessories, Divinity Clergy Wear is also a distinguished provider of high-quality clergy robes and preaching dresses for ladies - with 2 and 3-piece sets in their catalog.

For those of you that would rather see and feel the quality of sets like these in person before buying, take a trip to Divinity Clergy Wear’s showroom, which is conveniently located about halfway between New York and Philadelphia.

Divinity Clergy Wear’s showroom in Hamilton, NJ, will give you an opportunity to investigate the quality of their clerical attire and liturgical vestments up close before you decide which is best for your purposes.

You can also call ahead before you plan your trip to learn more at 609-838-7154.

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