A Moral Story of a Cat and the Mouse

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A Moral Story of a Cat and the Mouse:

A Moral Story of a Cat and the Mouse

He was always afraid of being attacked by a cat. He told his cry to someone who told the rat that there is a dignified Master in such and such a place.

You go to him and tell him your cry.

The rat came to Master and told him about his problem.

Master said to the mouse, “Tell me, what do you want to be?” Because the mouse’s mind was haunted by the ghost of the cat’s terror.

That’s why the mouse requested the Master to turn him into a cat.

The Master struck the rat’s stomach with his Magic stick, which transformed the rat into a cat.

Now the rat started living without fear.

It wasn’t long before he realized that it wasn’t enough to be a cat because he was now being teased by a dog.

Once again, the rat appeared in the service of Master and requested that his breed be changed from a cat to a dog.

Then the blessed stick fell on his stomach, which turned him into a dog.

It was some time that he saw that the importance of a dog is nothing compared to a lion.

He became greedy and once again came to the service of Master and requested him to change him from a dog to a lion.

This request was also fulfilled.

Read Full Story Here: A Mouse Was Annoyed By A Cat - Riddle Bank

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