A Complete Guide To New Feedlot Design

To take care of your animals, you need to keep your farm running smoothly so that your business can stay good for the animals and make money at the same time. Unfortunately, feedlots tend to get worse over time, which lowers their efficiency and could put your animals' health at risk. In this case, concrete contractors Lethbridge are very useful. This guide will show you the most important steps you need to take to ensure that the farm works at its best and the animals are safe.

Setting the Groundwork for Planning and Evaluating

Before starting any improvements, it is very important to carefully examine your feedlot's state. Look at the fences, water systems, and other infrastructure that is already there and mark the places that need immediate attention. This could be anything from buildings that are falling apart to sewage problems, which can all be fixed by skilled crushed gravelnear me companies.

Putting animal welfare first

A dedication to animal well-being is at the heart of every project to fix up a feedlot. Make sure there is enough room to move around and rest in the buildings, and make sure there is enough airflow and shade to protect people from heat stress and improve their health. Put down flooring that doesn't slip to keep animals and people from getting hurt and set up good drainage systems to handle waste and keep contamination to a minimum.

Keeping things running for a long time

Once the repairs are done, your feedlot infrastructure needs to be maintained and watched over regularly to make sure it stays useful and lasts a long time. Set up regular inspection procedures to find damage or malfunction quickly, and make sure there are preventative maintenance plans in place to cut down on downtime and repair costs.

Making the structures stronger

When feedlots are renovated, the most important thing is to make the structures stronger and last longer. Check the stability of current buildings, such as feed bunks and handling facilities. Replace broken parts with high-quality materials that can handle daily use, which will make the infrastructure last longer.

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