A complete Guide on Private Blog Network (PBN) SEO 2023

A complete Guide on Private Blog Network (PBN) SEO 2023
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As the SEO is getting tougher day by day and building links is not that easy as it was before Penguin update, Majority of bloggers and internet marketers start searching something new methods to gain links. The most effective and long term model to build links these days is PBN a.k.A Private Blog Network.

You might listen to this word for the first time if you are new to SEO but for the experienced guys, it would not be new for sure. Newbies don’t panic about PBN it is easy to build, but you need some precautions and patience while creating PBN with some investments on hosting and domains. Now we will tell you the exact definition of PBN

What is Private Blog Network (PBN)?

A private Blog network is the network of your websites or blogs based on expired domains that give links to each other and all the websites of your PBN point links to money site in such a way that Google could not identify that these are your websites and consider them as natural sites. In more simple language PBN is all about making websites on expired domains and pointing unnatural links in a logical manner to your money sites to gain authority. If the domain is expired it must have more power and those authority domains help you in passing more link juices.

Before building a private blog network, you must be aware of the fact that it is completely against the guidelines of Google. So while creating PBN, you should have to be very cautious. You might be thinking that if it is against the guidelines of Google then why we are trying to build this PBN and how it would help us? So I have an answer to this question as well.

Matt Cutts once said that Google identifies the authority of websites by Links pointing to it. Those links must have good metrics ( We will discuss metrics later). More the links more the authority but those link should of diversifying nature. If you are pointing 10 links from one authority site, then it would consider as spamming while if you point 10 links from 10 different websites, it will reckon as SEO. Similarly, if Google identifies all these sites belong to one owner and are interlinked with each other only for sake passing link juices then Google must take action on it, that is why you should be cautious while building PBN.

What Metrics should be in your mind while building PBN?

There are 4 Metrics that we consider while doing PBN SEO and they are as follows:

  • DA also known as Domain Authority by MOZ
  • PA also known as Page Authority by MOZ
  • TF known as Trust Flow provided by Majestic
  • CF known as Citation Flow provided by Majestic.

DA measures the authority of your domain

PA measures the authority of that particular page of that website

TF measures the authority of websites pointing links to your website and

CF measures the Citation flow that defines the powerfulness of links to your websites.

Along with that you need to check the following stats as well that is referring domains, Anchor Text Ratio, Backlinks.

You can use the following tools to check these metrics:

  • Majestic.com for TF and CF
  • Bulk domain Checker to check DA
  • Open site explorer to check PA and DA.

You can use the following platforms to get hosting and domain

  • Expireddomains.net to buy expired domains
  • Seekahost for PBN Hosting.

Hosting for PBN is quite different as compared to natural hosting. For PBN hosting you must have a different C-classes in your IP address else Google would identify that all these websites are on the same link and building just for the sake of links, and you would not get any benefit out of it

Along with this check the link profile, adsense banned, anchor text ratio any kind of redirection like 301 or 302.

How to find expired domains for your Private Blog Network:

There are various methods through which you can get expired domains. Few of them are listed below:


It is one of the very first methods to get the expired domain, but it would be a costlier one. You have to fix a broker who is the master in finding expired domains. Just tell your requirements pay him the desired amount and get your work done. Although, I feel uncomfortable to use this method since it is costly in nature and would not increase new in your skills. If you are comfortable with this process, then you can proceed, and it is one of the most and fast methods to get expired domains.


There are two types of domain available in digital marketplace. One that are expired while the ones that are about to expire. Backordering service providers continuously checking the domains that are about to expire, once they expire they buy it and you can get your desired domain of desired metrics with the help of these backordering services. There are some operators who provide backordering services and they are mentioned below:

1) Expired Domains

2) Dynadot

Alerts and Precautions in your mind while working on PBN SEO:

  • You are building a PBN network that must be hidden from google so you must have to make sure that you don’t make any footprints.
  • Along with this all your domains must be hosted on different C-class IP address.
  • All the domains must be register with different registrars and have different contact details including email id.
  • After this you need to make sure that while buying domain you are logged out of your gmail account or any other google account for the safety purpose.
  • Don’t use same theme on all your PBN websites
  • Try to use minimum plugins since it would help you in reducing any kind of chance of footprints.

How to fetch content, Index your links on your Private Blog Network:

You should be very clear about the fact that your PBN links would be beneficial only if your website looks legit in the eyes of google. If your PBN websites give any indication about their real purpose that is link building, their relevance would be decreased by 50% or in some cases you might lose your rankings too. So worry now that how to make your website legit in eyes of google?

Don’t worry you can do that very easily if you follow these points:

  • Post 4–5 content first and link other authority websites in your niche rather than giving link to your website straight away.
  • Try to write 80% content as unique because spinned or copied article would not work anymore as google is getting smarter day by day.
  • Complete no to sitewide unless your PBN website get sometime, like if I have a PBN network that is 3 months old then I will think of sitewide but for 3 days or a week old website don’t even think about it or else get ready for your deindexing.
  • Treat your PBN as a legit website and try to add value in it because google always give preference to legit content and if your PBN network have good traffic then you can easily get the good rankings else it can be a tough deal.


PBN is never allowed by google so before making any PBN make sure that you are not leaving any footprint, for every website you own dont use much plugins and try to do the things manually. Use TOR browse instead of normal browsers since it would not be able to fetch your IP address. Domain with same details can prove dangerous to you.

Use domain privacy protection and different details, along with that link privacy plugin so your links cant be traced out.

In case you have found a mistake in the text, please send a message to the author by selecting the mistake and pressing Ctrl-Enter.
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