8 Tips to Effectively Overcome a Creative Block

8 Tips to Effectively Overcome a Creative Block
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Have you hit a wall in your ability to think creatively? It's common for writers, musicians, and other creative types to experience periods of creative block. To put it bluntly, creative blocks are no fun, whether you're trying to think of something new or complete an existing project. 

A mental block occurs when you suddenly and cannot unexpectedly think creatively or carry out any tasks that require your attention. In order to get past writer's block, try these eight strategies. 

Take Short Breaks: 

If you're at a creative impasse, it may help to take a break from the work at hand. Relax, take a walk, or do something unrelated to your work. A short break can help you return to work with renewed energy and a clearer head. 

Change Up Your Environment 

A simple change of environment can alleviate the need for a physical move to break a mental block. Working in a new environment, like a coffee shop or a park, can be refreshing if you've been in the same spot for a while. Getting out of your usual setting can help you think of fresh approaches to old problems. 

Be Bold and Try Out New Methods: 

If your imagination has hit a wall, branch out and do something different. Try working in a format, style, or medium that you haven't before. Although venturing into the unknown can be nerve-wracking, it's often the best way to grow and find fresh ideas. 

Consider Collaborating With Others: 

Working with others is a fantastic strategy for breaking through an artistic rut. Collaboration helps you get unstuck when you're stuck in a rut and brings in new ideas and perspectives from other people. Working with other artists can be a blast, not to mention the source of some truly innovative results. 

Pay Attention Mindfully: 

While it's true that hitting a creative block can be a stressful experience, studies have shown that regular mindfulness practices can help reduce stress and anxiety, making it that much easier to push through. Do some meditation or deep breathing exercises daily for a few minutes. These methods can help you unwind and gain mental clarity, allowing your imagination to flow more freely. 

Create Manageable Goals: 

If you're experiencing a creative block, setting some manageable goals for yourself may help. Put another way, if you feel like you're making progress and the task is less intimidating, that can lead to more innovative thinking. 

Look for Inspiration: 

To break through a creative block, it can be useful to look outside of yourself for ideas. Explore the works of other artists and thinkers, learn about the creative process from books and articles, and watch documentaries. Consider visiting local museums or art exhibitions. A quick online search for a Jackson Hole art gallery or your specific city can help you find many different galleries.

Accept Defeat: 

Having writer's block is normal and should not be viewed as a sign of incompetence. Redefine your perspective and look at your failures not as defeats but as stepping stones to success. Be gentle with yourself if you're having trouble thinking of new ideas. 

How to Overcome Creative Block And Turn It Into An Asset:

Blocks in creativity have the potential to be both debilitating and illuminating. You can use the following strategies to transform your creative blocks into learning experiences.  Accepting the obstacle you're up against is the first step in turning it into a learning experience. Treat the creative block as something to be expected and welcomed rather than something to be fought or defeated. Recognize that you aren't alone in hitting a creative wall; see it as an opportunity to push past your comfort zone. 

Change Your Strategy: 

If you feel like your imagination is stagnating, try something new. Try working in a format, style, or medium that you haven't before. Although venturing into the unknown can be nerve-wracking, it's often the best way to grow and find fresh ideas. See where this challenge takes you by accepting it. 

Focus on the Process: 

Consider shifting your attention from the final product to the creative process itself. Get pleasure from making something rather than focusing on the outcome. 

Proactively Seek Opinions and Aid: 

Feedback from others can be useful if you feel stuck. Get the opinion of an experienced person you trust about your work. Perhaps they will have novel ideas or perspectives to help you break through the impasse. When you're going through a creative dry spell, having a network of fellow artists to lean on can be a lifeline. 

Methods for Releasing Mental Blocks and Jumpstarting Creativity: 

If you're at a loss for ideas or unable to move forward in your work, it may be time to engage in some creative exercises to help you find your mojo again. Here are some activities you should try. 


Brainstorming is a time-honored method of generating new ideas. Dedicate some time to jotting down as many ideas as possible without evaluating or dismissing them. Letting them roam free and unrestrained is the best way to find out where your thoughts will take you. 

Process of Visualizing Thoughts: 

Mind mapping is yet another effective mental workout. Begin with a key term or concept from your work, then expand outward to include other related concepts, words, and phrases. As a result, you may be able to make associations between previously unrelated ideas and information, expanding your creative potential. 

Play, and Have Fun! 

Let loose and have some fun; it may be just what you need to break through that mental block. Spend time doing things that inspire you creatively, even if they have nothing to do with your job. Your energy and enthusiasm for your work will be restored, and you'll be able to tackle your tasks with newfound vigor. 


Many strategies exist for breaking through writer's block and returning to the original work. Remember that writer's block is a normal part of the creative process and that everyone has them at some point. You can break through a creative block and keep making art with renewed vigor and enthusiasm if you try these eight strategies and see what works best. 

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