8 Amazing Reasons for hiring a Photo booth for your events

8 Amazing Reasons for hiring a Photo booth for your events
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Throwing an event without thinking of different types of entertainment can lead to people having a mediocre experience. Even if you gather friends or colleagues who know each other perfectly and know how to have a great party, they will still want to be entertained. One of the popular event entertainment is a photo booth. If you want to give people an element of fun and motivate people to engage with it, consider hiring a photo booth for your next event. If you still need more convincing, here are a number of reasons why this is a great option.

It boosts engagement

To boost engagement at an event, you must provide people with ways to engage. People will take photos anyway, but how about you give them something besides their smartphone camera? Especially if you include a range of props and backdrops, people will let loose and have fun taking photos.

It leads to the creation of long-lasting memories

Every event has to be organised with the intention of doing something different from all other events. So, if this is your fifth corporate party this year, and you’ve seen it all, it’s time to introduce something new. Especially if you’re organising the event, give people something to create lasting memories. A photo booth at an event invites people to create long-lasting memories.

Great for entertainment

It’s hard to keep people active during the entire event without falling into bursts of idleness, especially when the food is served. Even if the entire dancefloor was filled with people, it might be hard to engage with guests after they’ve eaten. So, you can provide greater entertainment value by offering different forms of entertainment. People who want to have fun on their own, away from the crowd, will no doubt find their way to the photo booth, creating their entertainment.

People will get professional-quality photos

Some people only come to events to have their photos professionally taken. And we don’t blame them as there’s a difference between having your photos taken by your friend and a professional. But, if the photographer is too busy taking photos of the guests, people can still get professional-quality photos. For example, in Australia, event organisers also get photo booth hire Sydney as a great addition to the event. People can have their photos taken with fun props and in front of the background without waiting for a busy photographer to reach them next.

Age appropriate fun

If your event will be visited by a range of people of all ages, you must provide age-appropriate fun. Photobooths are suitable for guests of all ages, from kids to adults. This makes it a family-friendly entertainment option for your event. Kids will even motivate grownups to play with props, embrace their inner children, and go with the flow when taking photos. Most importantly, families with kids will get a chance to create unique photos caught in the moment of amazing fun and a great time.

Increase brand recognition

To increase brand recognition with your event, you should go for customisable options when hiring a photo booth. Each photo can have your logo if you choose an option with event branding. All props can be branded, whether it will be your logo, slogan or the company's name, just make sure they are fun and according to your brand style guide. This adds a personal touch to the photos and increases brand recognition.

A fun time for a large group of people

Photobooths are an excellent option for large events like weddings or corporate events as these are frequented by a large group of people. A group of people at these events always like to stick together even if they count ten people or more. That’s why photo booths are a well-thought-of option, as they can fit in large groups of people in one photo. They’ll probably want at least one photo taken of them as a group, so why not give them a chance to have that photo but also make it unique and fun?

Your event will be all over social media

Let’s face it - your event will be all over social media during the event. People will take photos of themselves and post stories throughout the night, so many communities will see your event even before official photos are posted. Especially if you want to encourage social media sharing, give people a way to create social media content. We live in a time of social media-driven world, so giving people a way to create content can encourage guests to share their photos on their social media platforms. In turn, you’re event will get exposure in real time, and you’ll also generate buzz for your brand.

Lastly, you’ll give people party favours if you hire a photo booth for your event. In addition to taking home physical photo prints, guests can also take home personalised photo booth favours such as magnets, keychains, or frames, adding a personal touch to their keepsakes from your event.

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