7 Souvenir Ideas To Give To Your Guests When Hosting An Event

7 Souvenir Ideas To Give To Your Guests When Hosting An Event
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Hosting an event can make you feel different things all at once. That includes feeling excited, overwhelmed and stressed while preparing for your event. The good news is it’s normal to go through an emotional spectrum when planning an occasion. After all, all you want is a seamless and enjoyable event that your guests would love.

From the perspective of a host, hosting an event is a meticulous and rigorous process. That process makes an event memorable, and many attendees don’t realise the messy behind-the-scenes planners go through to achieve it. Every host meticulously works on an event’s segment, design, food, and other logistics.

It’s incredible to attend an event that seems to have it all. Aside from the overall program itself, guests appreciate receiving small tokens of souvenirs from events. And even though event souvenirs seem unnecessary, event hosts put so much thought and meaning into them. If you’re planning an event, here are seven items you can give your guests. 

Corporate events:

1 - Mini desk iron nameplate with the event details and attendee name

Most corporate events hire professional photography shops for the photo booth and photo printing services as souvenirs. After all, isn’t it fun to have a photograph from a significant corporate event with your colleagues? But since photo booth prints have become too usual, why don’t you consider giving out a mini desk iron nameplate with the attendee’s name and event details?

You can have the event details or template design ready beforehand, so the only thing you need to work on during the event is the name of the attendees. It’s a unique event souvenir your guests and corporate professionals will love and use.

2 - Free-trial subscription cards of your partner company or services you’re promoting

Today, we live in a digital world where subscriptions make your digital experience seamless and better. And since we’re talking about corporate events, a company’s likely promoting or collaborating with another brand, too. If that’s the case with your event, why don’t you provide free-trial subscription cards for your partner company or the services you promote?

Even a simple 7-day subscription trial is enough to entice your guests to try and discover the platform, website, or digital service you’re promoting. Also, giving your guests a free subscription will prompt them to share your services with people they know–hence, causing free word-of-mouth promotion for your business. 

3 - A sample package of your brand’s famous products

In relation to my previous point, a wise marketing strategy is putting your products out there for people to try and discover. You couldn’t go wrong with giving a sample package of your brand's popular products. Regardless of the type of products you’re offering, your guests will love a sample package as your souvenir.

If you launch a new product line, choose specific items from your new line and include some from your old catalogue. That way, people can compare the difference between your new products from your old ones. Again, it’s a wise marketing strategy for your company.

Social events:

4 - Pouches or eco-bags

Now that we’re talking about social events, it’s best to focus on practical items your guests can use. If you’re hosting an intimate birthday party, pouches or eco-bags are a great souvenir idea. 

I wouldn’t recommend printing the celebrant’s name or event details on the pouch or eco-bag. Why? Because guests rarely use items that have the event’s details on them. If you don’t want to waste your money and ensure your guests will use them, avoid putting designs that are not minimalist or user-friendly.

5 - Photo blocks or photos in frames

Unlike corporate events, photographs as a souvenir are still relevant in social events.  After all, families and friends gather at social events, so having photos is a must. But since printed photographs are quite typical already, why don’t you hire a photo service for photo blocks, wooden blocks, or photo frames instead?

Photo services like that usually include a photographer already. You can provide three photo options guests can choose from for their photo block or frame. It’s a souvenir that your family and friends will surely love. You can expect them to use your souvenir as their home or office decoration.

6 - Toiletries atomisers for travels 

Another practical event souvenir you can have for a social event is atomisers. Also, since we just came from a pandemic, people have become more mindful of sanitising, which is why atomisers are a great souvenir idea.

Many online businesses sell atomiser sets that come with pouches or organisers. Instead of printing the event design or detail on the bottles, you can print them on the organiser. That way, you can still leave a remembrance to your guests about the event, and they can use the atomisers freely without any event detail.

7 - Drink coaster

Lastly is a drink coaster. If you want to give an event souvenir with your event details on it that your guests can still use, I recommend a coaster. Any home can make use of a drink coaster. In fact, your guests can even bring it to their office and use it despite having your event details on it.

Also, coasters are affordable, especially if you’re buying in bulk. There are many coaster types you can choose from today. Some are wooden, plastic, acrylic, leather, and rubber coasters. It’s up to you which works best for your preference.

Good event souvenirs should be practical.

Events are fun. But it would be twice better if your guests could receive a souvenir they can use and enjoy. For corporate events, it’s best to have souvenirs that would benefit your business goals. On the other hand, social event souvenirs should be something your family and friends can use daily. When in doubt, think about practical items that would be of value to your money. 

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