6 reasons why you should add groundnut oil to your diet!

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06 October 2023

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Unlike the many articles you surfed before, we don’t wish to bore you with the bookish definitions. Therefore, before taking a stroll over the elaborate elucidation and the multiple health benefits of groundnut oil, let us take a quick gander over some interesting facts to grab your attention.

  1. You may think that in the transverse of diverse oils, peanut oil has been an early member. However, this could be completely façade as history backs it up since II. Since then, peanut oil has been a prominent player in many Indian, Southeast Asian, African, and Chinese cuisines.
  2. II. These tiny shaped nuts; also known as peanut or groundnut pygmy nut have not only been adding flavours to all our meals but have also served their purpose in the medicinal subset.

Now that you are filled in with the right insights, it’s time we look up to the many benefits and find the actual answer to, ‘Is groundnut oil good for health?’!

What is groundnut oil?

Today we enjoy the various peanut oil benefits because of the deshelling and extraction of oil that takes place from the seed of the peanut plant. Conventionally, people used the wood-pressing method to extract the liquid. Deprived of the desired quantity, this method has been replaced by many modern technologies. However, despite the change in the extraction methodology, groundnut oil has been associated with many health benefits. Scroll down to know ‘why groundnut oil is good for health?’

6 health benefits of peanut oil:

After the brief introduction, let us delve into the real matter, where we introduce you to the prominent reasons or health benefits of peanut oil. These benefits and uses of groundnut oil, will surely more or less woo you!

1.    Maintains your Blood pressure levels:

Many groundnut oil advertisement claims that they help balance the cholesterol levels. Well, if obtain these from credible suppliers, this is very true! One reason being that it contains resveratrol which highly contributes in lowering the high BP levels. Hands down, groundnut oil is good for health when it comes to your heart!

2.    Healthy fats:

When we say fats, majority of us perceive as unfit and unhealthy. You’ll be shocked when we say that there are saturated levels of fats that your bodies require. And this itself is one of the major benefits of groundnut oil. These monounsaturated fats are highly known for reducing the risks of many chronic illnesses.

3.    Skin care:

Diverse vegetable oil lacks the potency of providing Vitamin E. Groundnut or peanut oil is enriched with vitamin E, which further is a very important contributor to a clear and glowy skin. An add to the multiple uses of groundnut oil includes reduction of blemishes, wrinkles, and premature aging. With this Vitamin E rich oil, you can now boost your skin care routine!

4.    Culinary Flexibility:

Due to its high smoke point, groundnut oil benefits include that it can endure high cooking temperatures without degrading or releasing toxic chemicals. This qualifies it for a variety of culinary techniques, including deep-frying and frying.

5.    Reduces the risk of cancer:

Regular consumption of peanut oil has been associated with a potential reduction in the risk of specific cancer types, such as breast and colon cancer, according to some studies.

6.    Hair Health:

Have you observed the luxuriant braids of individuals residing in the southern regions of India? They have leveraged the various groundnut oil benefits to improve their hair care routines. These practices yield remarkable results in addressing issues such as dandruff, hair loss, thinning hair, split ends, and more. Groundnut oil, abundant in vitamin E, readily penetrates hair follicles, revitalizing and repairing the strands effectively.

Cold pressed VS Refined peanut oil

Cold-pressed peanut oil is derived from peanuts through a mechanical pressing method at low temperatures, avoiding the use of heat or chemicals. This gentle extraction process preserves the oil's natural flavour, aroma, and nutritional qualities. Health Benefits of groundnut Oil includes boasting a robust, earthy taste, making it an excellent choice for dishes that benefit from a distinct nutty essence. Additionally, when you obtain these from the best suppliers these are richer in antioxidants and valuable components such as vitamin E and phytosterols.

In contrast, refined peanut oil undergoes a treatment involving heat and chemicals to eliminate impurities, Flavors, and Odors. This refining process yields a milder, more neutral flavour and elevates the oil's smoke point, rendering it suitable for deep-frying and high-temperature cooking techniques. Nonetheless, some of the natural nutrients and flavour may be diminished during the refining procedure.

Commonly queries:

Now that we are headed to the conclusion, let us look at some frequent questions people have in relation to peanut oil uses and benefits.

  • Can we eat groundnut oil daily?

Groundnut oil is usually regarded as safe and can be a healthy choice for many people when consumed regularly in moderation as part of a balanced diet. Due to its monounsaturated fats, vitamin E concentration, and other nutrients, peanut oil benefits serve the purpose for daily consumption.

  • Is peanut oil good for cooking?

Indeed, groundnut oil boasts a high smoke point, a delightful flavor, and is abundant in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, rendering it an excellent option for use as a cooking oil.

Your choice of oil will definitely impact you health in the longer span of time. Take a proactive step and get this from quality suppliers. Contact us, we help you serve the best!


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