5 Signs You Need Couples Counselling

5 Signs You Need Couples Counselling

All marriages go through rough patches. You are two different individuals so even if you have a lot of things in common, eventually you will find things to disagree with. It’s a normal part of marriage.

But what you should watch out for are signs that your marriage is close to failing. If you see these signs early, you will be able to get the intervention needed to save the marriage.

The following signs, for instance, are just some indications that you might need intervention such as Couples counselling in Vancouver:

1. You don’t communicate.

Talking is different from communicating. You might talk on a daily basis but do you communicate the more important things? If you avoid sensitive topics like your finances or parenting, your marriage could be in trouble.

It’s important to communicate properly. However, this can be hard if you’re used to just avoiding these topics. This is why it’s important to get an early intervention with the help of Vancouver couples counselling. Your counsellor can help you open up the channels for communication.

2. You argue over the small things.

It’s normal to argue over different things. But if it’s becoming more frequent and it’s starting to affect your happiness, it might be time to seek couples counselling in Vancouver. Even small arguments can lead to bigger arguments, especially when they are not resolved. You will just end up bottling up your resentments.

3. You find it hard to trust each other.

Something might have happened to break the trust. Once trust is damaged, it can be difficult to repair. Dishonesty should be resolved in a marriage and it should also be addressed. Otherwise, you will just keep on finding reasons to not trust the other party.

4. You are having intimacy issues.

When was the last time you were intimate with your spouse? A lack of intimacy can put a damper on your relationship. There are many reasons why this can happen and one of them is going through some physical and environmental changes. Stress can affect sexual relationships in a marriage.

Couples counselling in Vancouver provides you with insights into why these things happen in your marriage. Too often, couples don’t realize what’s drawing them apart. Only when an objective point of view is brought in can couples realize what’s truly missing in the marriage.

Through counselling, you will be able to learn the best coping mechanisms for existing concerns. You will know how to address these marital problems before they worsen.

Finding a good counsellor can help. You can reach out to Healing Waves Counselling and get started on healing your relationship. All married couples can benefit from counselling. If you feel stressed out and your relationship is no longer as good as before, it helps to seek counselling.

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