5 Most Essential Online Text Analysis Tools

5 Most Essential Online Text Analysis Tools
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08 August 2022

What makes text analytics software suitable? What features do you look for? What is the ease of use? These are the questions that businesses ask when considering a new tool. Read on to find out what to look for in online text analysis software. You'll be glad you did when you find out the answers to these questions! Also, you'll discover why text analytics software is so valuable for businesses. Here are 5 of the best options to help your business analyze text.


The company claims that Lexalytics can handle billions of unstructured daily documents using natural language processing (NLP). This text analytics tool uses machine learning and cloud NLP technology to create actionable insights. Its SaaS platform is available on-premise or via hybrid cloud infrastructure. Lexalytics is currently available in ten languages, with additional languages planned for the future.

It supports over 25 languages and dialects, including those with abjads, idioms, and complex alphabets. It can even handle logographies and languages with unique grammar rules. Lexalytics tokenizes alphabetic languages by identifying whitespace and punctuation. It also supports logographic languages, which use character-based tokenization. While most alphabetic languages use punctuation and whitespace to identify words, Lexalytics uses rules-based algorithms to tokenize these languages.

This text analysis tool can also be integrated into existing infrastructure or white-labeled. It can analyze 200 tweets per second and be customized to match your business needs. For businesses, Lexalytics' enterprise-level features cost $99-$999 per month, depending on the plan. The company also offers a free version for individual users. It can be used on all types of text.

SAS Visual Text Analytics

The visual tool for text analysis, SAS Visual Text Analytics, is an open platform and can perform a wide range of analytical tasks such as parsing, information extraction, NLP modeling, sentiment analysis, trend analysis, and much more. It also includes built-in visualization capabilities to help users explore the data and provide easy-to-understand dashboards. With a few clicks, you can analyze large volumes of text and discover hidden insights and trends in the data.

The software's advanced features include data preparation, visual analytics, and governance. It enables technical and non-technical users to create, share, and analyze data with a single click. Its advanced tools make it easy to assign users to perform data analysis tasks and get insights from massive amounts of data. Users do not have extensive analytical skills to utilize the program, which is also simple to install and use.


MonkeyLearn is a cloud-based text analysis tool that extracts data from text and turns it into custom visualizations. It offers a wide range of features and is customizable, allowing users to customize the model to meet their business needs. Its features include analyzing sentiment, labeling topics, extracting keywords, and building text extractors. Users can also integrate the software with other in-house applications.

MonkeyLearn is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that allows users to create and train data models on specific datasets. It provides a Python API and 800 pre-trained models across 22 languages. Another desktop application, Crowd Analyzer, is an analytical tool from Social Mention that uses Bayesian Filtering to assign a positive, negative, or neutral sentiment value to the text.

Amazon Comprehend

Many natural-language processing tools exist, but Amazon Comprehend is perhaps the most indispensable. It helps you find text information by analyzing your input's wording, identifying the dominant language, and giving you confidence scores for each entity in your text. Unlike many text analysis tools, Amazon Comprehend can process text in batches or a single request. The service automatically organizes documents based on the terms and topics and stores the inputs to build future models. Amazon Comprehend Medical is specifically designed for the medical industry and can identify medical-related terms, and it provides an API for extracting Sentiment Analysis and Entity Recognition.

The program works in real-time, allowing you to get instant results. The free tier option allows you to use Amazon Comprehend for up to 12 months without any credit card or other payment information. Amazon Comprehend currently supports the English language, but it's also available in Spanish. It's also worth mentioning that the service offers another cloud service, Amazon Translate, which allows you to translate documents into English or Spanish. You can also use it to analyze the translated text.

How to Use Text Compare to Evaluate the Quality of a Text

A good way to evaluate the quality of a text is to compare two pieces. Comparing two different pieces can help you understand the subject matter better. This exercise requires you to carefully compare two different texts and write a critical analysis for both. In addition to providing an in-depth analysis, text comparison can make abstract ideas concrete. Here are some ways to use text comparison in your classes. You can use text comparison to assess the quality of your writing.

The first step in using text compare is to read the texts referenced in the prompt. Read each one carefully to capture the main ideas. Write notes as you read so you can later refer back and confirm your initial ideas. When comparing two texts, you'll need to analyze their content and writing style. Reading both texts at least three times to understand all the details is best. Then, compare the texts again to check whether you have come to the same conclusions as you did the first time.

This software also features a report feature. You can use the report to compare the two files and share the results with others. This feature is included for free, so you won't have to worry about paying to download the report. This way, you can get an accurate idea of how similar two files are and make changes to them accordingly. This feature also supports multiple files, which is helpful if you need to compare documents with different versions.

The Best Uses For a Word Counter

A Word Counter is a tool that analyzes text content. It can determine the number of words in a paragraph, how many sentences are present, and how long the average reader takes to read it. This tool is also helpful for writers who need to stick to a word count in writing for various purposes. You can use it to check the length of your social media posts, articles, ads, and Google meta description. Here are some of the most popular uses of a Word Counter.

One of the best uses for a Word Counter is for SEO purposes. A good Word Counter will display the number of words used in your text and how often they appear in it. It will also show how many times a specific keyword appears in a document. Word Count is an essential tool when working on SEO. When you have a lengthy document, it will help you determine how many times it appears within your content. The higher the number, the better for SEO purposes.

A Word Counter helps you determine whether you're exceeding your word limit. Many writing projects are paid or graded based on word count. Using one is essential if you want to be paid well. Editors value writers who submit work that adheres to the word count. If you are over or under the word count limit, they may have to edit it or even make changes. A Word Counter will help you determine whether you need to make any edits to your text.

Convert Case Online

A great way to Convert Case Online is to use a free online tool. A CASE conversion tool can be accessed by typing in the text, loading it from a URL, or browsing. Once you have entered the text, click the "Convert" button and you'll see the converted CASE. You can then copy and paste the text to your desired location. There are several tools available for converting text, so take your time when selecting one.

To use the upper case conversion feature, simply enter the desired content into the form above. Then, select the Capitalized Case tab. The first letter of each word will be capitalized, while the rest will remain in lower case. Then, click the "Apply" button to apply the change. Once the conversion has been completed, you can review your text in your desired case. This tool is also available for converting text into lower case.

A free online case converter is a great way to convert text from one format to another. These tools are useful for writing and communicating with colleagues. Some online tools will even allow you to capitalize the first letter of a sentence, while others will convert it to a different format. For example, you can capitalize website addresses or file names, or hyphenate text. And with no ads or other restrictions, there's no need to worry about the conversion process.


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