5 Best PlayStation VR games to play in 2023

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Since its release in late 2016, PlayStation VR has acquired a sizable game catalogue that showcases how distinctive, entertaining, and captivating VR can be.

The IGN staff has selected the greatest PSVR titles for you to enjoy, whether you've had a headset since the beginning or are simply searching for an excuse to buy one.

Please share your favourite PSVR games with us in the comments section after you've read about some of your favourites.

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Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine is one of the most enjoyable ways to gauge your survival process in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Arizona Sunshine maintains a tense cycle as you fight your way through waves of the undead thanks to its gunplay, which features a tiny but realistic arsenal.


Superhypercube, like many good puzzle games, is simple to learn, challenging to master, and downright impossible to describe in a way that actually sounds entertaining.

Here's the pitch, though: Your objective is to manoeuvre a little cube that is racing across an infinite emptiness of abstract space so that it can fit through a gap in an impending wall.

You have to reorganise and reconfigure your Superhypercube to fit through the next hole because every time you pass a wall, another cube sticks to the one you already have. It's similar to those bizarre Japanese game shows where players have to position themselves in order to slide through walls and deconstructed Tetris, but a hundred times more stressful and trippy.


The constant rhythmic adventure In VR, Thumper nearly transforms into a horror game as its slick, menacing music takes on gigantic form before your eyes. It's thrilling in one of those ways that VR games can be difficult to convey until you're actually experiencing it: racing around Thumper's constricting corners, taking in the vast expanse of its darkness, and keeping time with the beat.

Blood & Truth

Blood & Truth is currently the best big-budget action movie experience I've had in virtual reality.

It manages to create an engaging plot bursting with personality that never takes itself too seriously while also successfully transferring explosive setpieces and shootouts into the medium. While it flawlessly executes action genre staples like vehicle chases, explosions, machine guns, grenades, and so forth, it also gives everyday elements and everyday items the same level of involvement to keep the experience feeling new, grounded, and varied.

Ever wanted to mess about with the car stereo while being chased at a high speed? Or steal into a museum while vaping? The Blood & Truth is a noisy, action-packed popcorn movie in virtual reality, despite its unnecessarily dramatic title.

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Beat Saber

Beat Saber is the ideal "pick up and play" VR game to persuade players right away that it can be enjoyable in a manner that no other game can.

The idea is straightforward: slice blocks coming towards you from the right direction in sync to the music, like a dancing Jedi, using a color-coordinated off-brand lightsaber. However, when it picks up speed, the skill ceiling soars and flawless execution is a great rush.

Please share your selections for the best PSVR games in the comments section.

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