4 Things to Remember While Purchasing Caterpillar (CAT) Rubber Tracks

4 Things to Remember While Purchasing Caterpillar (CAT) Rubber Tracks
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29 August 2023

Construction, agriculture, and other industrial sectors require heavy machinery to perform multiple tasks. For instance, a CAT rubber track excavator with the right attachments can dig, drill, grade, and prepare the construction site. Also, an excavator can plow, dig, and till the agricultural field. 

However, not all machinery can get the job done. It will help if you consider essential factors in choosing the right excavator for the right job, including whether tires or tracks suit the machine.

Rubber tracks are becoming increasingly popular between these two due to their mobility, ease of use, and versatility.  

Caterpillar skid steers with the right rubber tracks can maneuver in tight spaces quickly, making them cost and time-efficient. This article discusses some vital considerations in purchasing caterpillar rubber tracks.

What Should You Consider While Purchasing CAT Rubber Tracks?

Fitting or Size 

You can't optimize the CAT rubber track excavator if you don't know the measurement requirements of tracks. Installing the wrong-sized tracks can damage the machine's undercarriage and shorten its lifespan.    

You can find information about rubber caterpillar tracks like size, brand name, serial number, and manufacturing company on the tracks' sides. If you can't get this information, you can measure the width and pitch of old rubber tracks in millimeters and count the number of links. 

Finally, multiply the estimated pitch by the number of links to know the tracks' inner circumference. Once you know the fit or size, purchase the new rubber tracks accordingly.


Rubber tracks are popular among excavator operators as they remain efficient regardless of terrain conditions. However, choosing the appropriate pattern and type of caterpillar rubber tracks is best based on specific purposes and requirements.

For example, you should look for heavy-duty treads when working on rock-riddled project sites, and zigzag track tread patterns are best suited for muddy, slippery, or snowy surfaces.

In addition to terrain, you should consider how heavily you will use the machine when buying rubber tracks.  

Track Construction and Materials

Besides rubber, caterpillar rubber tracks are made using other materials to make them strong yet flexible and puncture-proof. You can find metal pieces between the underlayer and carcass. 

The primary function of the carcass is to handle the cargo and transmit the tension to move or lift the strap and absorb the impact. 

The steel cord is placed in the middle of tread lugs and metal pieces to provide good tension resistance and rigidity to the track. For better alignment, the Bobcat skid steer tracks will also have a textile layer between the steel cord and metal pieces. 

You should consider the tough carcass and reliable steel belts and ensure tracks are made from superior quality materials. 

Operation and Maintenance Practices

Caterpillar rubber tracks are one of the premium tracks available in the market. However, it will be best to exercise caution in using and maintaining these tracks. 

Since these tracks cost relatively more, finding the correct operations and maintenance tips is worthwhile. 

Therefore, you should read the operator's manual and understand the do's and don'ts while learning the best practices for operating the excavator with rubber tracks.

Determine how you can adjust the caterpillar rubber tracks to provide the proper tension to the machine according to your work requirements. Moreover, they follow preventive maintenance to extend their lifespan. 

Bottom Line

When involved in any construction or landscaping projects, you would be hard-pressed not to buy premium caterpillar rubber tracks for your excavators. That said, selecting the ideal rubber tracks can be challenging without determining your protection requirements. 

Knowing the project needs, or terrain conditions can help you purchase the best-suited caterpillar or Bobcat skid steer tracks. Moreover, following the above-discussed tips and finding a reliable supplier can help you become more confident in your purchase.

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